Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hello February

  I am really enjoying the blessing of having an extra bedroom with lots of natural light.  I set up a backdrop stand and drop, add a couple of lamps and use my flash on a low setting and whalah I can call the room a studio. haha  Editing is a breeze because the SOOC images are so consistent.  The studio has been a nice change from the usual outdoor photography sessions that I do.  I have had the studio set up all week for a few different sessions and before I took it all down I realized that I really should snap a few pictures of my own kiddo.  I am SO unmotivated when it comes to photographing my own child these days.  I don't seem to have the energy to get her dressed cute, create a set and bribe her to smile for me...well, that and for the past year she really hasn't liked having her picture taken.  I'm hoping that is changing!  Today, Daddy helped me out a little bit and it all went much smoother than I expected.  I got so many pictures (which is rare!) that I will cherish forever and I think they capture my almost 3 year old perfectly.  Daisy really enjoyed getting special attention from me and Daddy and she also let her entire range of facial expressions loose for the camera.  Can't wait to share!  I just adore my daughter.  She truly is sunshine on my rainy days and every time I look at her beautiful brown eyes and brush her strawberry blonde hair I praise God for her.  Through her, God has blessed my life abundantly with love and laughter.   I also posted a couple of pictures from my other sessions of two VERY adorable, happy babies as well as a picture of muah...yes, me.

I figure that posting a picture of myself provides a nice opportunity to share on a topic that I don't often get to address...image perceptions.  My only motivation in wanting a "studio" picture of myself was that I need an updated picture for the bio on my photography page...I strongly dislike the one that is currently up.  The hubby helped me out again and snapped a few pictures for me. Thanks hub! It only took 5 minutes of awkwardness thank God.  Let me be clear...I do not like seeing myself in pictures.  Honestly, I really don't and I am very guilty of nit picking myself to death, though I usually do it discreetly in my head.  "Oh man my neck looks funny.  My nose looks too big.  My chin looks like Jay Leno.  Oh dear, my hair is too greasy. My mole has grown!"  I know, it's sad and silly but, I do think it is the way that so many women and girls view themselves.  (maybe you don't have that issue and if so that is so awesome!!) I'm only sharing these thoughts with you all to be honest and real cuz that's how I roll in my bloggy world if you haven't noticed that by now.  lol.  It's not easy for me to be on the other side of the camera but, I have been working on it for a couple of years because, I want to continue to heal my heart by facing my fears.  I am always working on accepting who I am inside and out and I do think it is a life long journey for most of us.  I am definitely much more at peace with who I am now at almost 30 than I ever have been.  When I was in my teens and early twenties and had fewer wrinkles, no gray hair, less body fat etc...I was more insecure.  Go figure.  It's funny because it doesn't matter how "beautiful" a person might be by the world's standards...if they don't feel beautiful inside then they can't see it. Regardless how a person looks on the outside...if they feel beautiful on the inside then they have peace and contentment on the outside.  It's amazing how much our thoughts dictate our views.  This is why it is so important to train our thoughts to focus on eternal things that heal us and make us whole as opposed to temporal things that make us feel ugly and broken.  Oh young girls how I wish I could hug you all and help you embrace who you are and see yourselves the way the King of Kings sees you.  Priceless.  Beautiful.  Unique.  Cherished.  Dearly loved.

There is something beautiful about aging and embracing who we are and recognizing that what is on the outside is fleeting but, who we are on the inside is what lasts and endures the test of time.  I want my heart to be refined and purified by knowing Jesus Christ and learning about how He loves me and views me.  Hopefully God's truth will radiate out of my pores well into my 90's.  So here is my, "embrace your rapidly approaching 30th birthday," picture!  I think it very important to add that this image is edited.  I sharpened my eyes, softened my wrinkly skin, removed a big scar on my shoulder and even touched up my toe nail polish.  hehe.  Now that I am a photographer it is SO much more obvious to me how much editing is done to every image you see in a magazine.  People don't just look like that....well, I mean they do but, no one is "flawless."  It's an illusion.  Trust me.   Thanks for letting me share my heart with y'all!


  1. Hi! Daisy is getting so big. I think I say that every time I comment but it's true. And I think you look beautiful, that is an awesome photo.

  2. Oh that picture of you is absolutely gorgeous, you're crazy! & Daisy is adorable as ever!!

  3. You are gorgeous! And I love that message...I unfortunately am the same way and very nit-picky about myself, especially post-baby. Its a tough adjustment, but our beauty comes from our Maker! I needed to be reminded of that.

  4. Are you very pretty! & that was a great message....

  5. I absolutely LOVE that picture of you! Most of us are critical so I get it. Love your white backgrounds. Look at how much your photography skills have grown over the years!!!

  6. You are stunning, both inside and out! Love to you, my friend!


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