Sunday, March 10, 2013

One Shirt...

I really enjoy pinning outfits on Pinterest.  I marvel at all of the creativity out there.  Some gals manage to wear a different outfit every single day of the year.  That is a lot of clothing...and money.  Some gals have an incredible knack for accessorizing.  They rock arm candy like it aint no thang and  they know just the right earrings and necklaces to wear with every shirt and dress they own. Then there are the gals who have more shoes than I have hair on my head.  I am currently owner of a single pair of heels...yes, just one boring black pair that you will shortly see below.  Lastly, there are those ladies that layer like six shirts in such an epic way that we all step back and say, "wow, that is not practical in any way but they look so chic," and we want to look just like them.  hahaha

The truth is that as much as I like fashion, I am not a fashion savvy gal.  Most of what I wear is straight up copied from somewhere and as for accessorizing?? Fuggeddaboutit! I will say that earrings are my favorite accessory for some reason but, choosing which ones to wear with different outfits doesn't come easily to me.  I end up resorting to my silver diamond-studded hoops like 80% of the time.  I also have a couple of bracelets that I wear regularly and a few necklaces that I throw on if I feel like my outfit desperately needs a little more umph.
Anyhoo, I digress, I have my backdrop/studio set up this week and I wanted to get as much use out of it as possible.  I got the idea to do a "one shirt 3 ways average-mom style" feature...though technically I wore it 4 ways.  I had to use the basic pieces that I already had in my closet and I had to figure it out quickly because I had a mere 30 minutes until my kiddo woke up from her nap.  I probably would have come up with different outfits if I had more time and had planned this in advance but, it was a wild hair idea and I ran with it.

I thought it would be most realistic if I shared what I wear most mornings and weekends...oh and nights.  If I don't squeeze in a shower first thing in the morning, I often get stuck in the jammy outfit until nap time.  When I get stuck in this outfit I find that I am much less motivated to get anything done in the morning. I don't want to go out to the park or run errands and I don't even feel as awake.  I can gulp down two cups of coffee but, it makes no difference...this mom outfit is fabulously comfortable and fabulously demotivating at the same time.  It is real life.  For me that is.  
On better days when I get my " I'm not a morning person," butt out of bed and shower before my early rising child wakes up, I might wear something like this.  Scarfs annoy my neck so I don't wear them often but, they sure add a nice pop to a simple outfit. 
I'm really trying to limit my phone time these days because, I don't want my daughter to remember only that my eyes were always glued to a tiny screen in my hand.  I want her to remember my eyes and my heart, giving her my full attention more often than not.  

On the other hand, I thought it would be fun to exaggerate mom life in these pictures.  Step one: enjoying a quiet moment with my iPhone.  Step two: kids are screaming, throwing things and fighting over absolutely nothing...mommy time is over and mommy is not happy.  Step three: mommy has a tiny melt down and wonders why she ever wanted to have children.  Yes, this is mom life too.  hahahaha...though I am not remotely that intense. I promise!
When I have to go to an appointment or when I am going to church on Sunday etc. I try to take my normal mom outfit and add just a pinch of's a challenge lemme tell yah.  I do enjoy the occasional chance to dress a little less mom like and since my hubby is home on the weekend it gives me a tiny bit more time to get ready.  See below: This is as good as layering gets with me...two layers and I don't have a clue what to do with them but, the colors match so BAM.  I also threw on a skinny little belt that is almost completely invisible but, I feel stylish because it is there nonetheless.  Boots are also an easy way to add a little flair to a regular outfit.  I wish I owned lots of boots but, I only own two pairs...I'm working on changing that! I should have put a long necklace on with this outfit and I'm annoyed that you can't even see my hoop earrings.  Sigh.  Still, you get the idea. 
I like that the zippers on the back of my boots matches the blue of my shirt.  Bonus points:).
Lastly, I wore my blue shirt with a short, striped skirt that I have worn all of 1 time since I bought it almost a year ago. I wore it on a hot date with my hubby to the movies.  The end. 

 This skirt requires the weather to be warm and requires me to be temporarily childless because, I cannot...or should I say, I will not bend in this skirt. I don't like wearing things that limit my mobility and I don't like being uncomfortable...this skirt poses numerous problems for me. So, I call it my, "weeeeee arrrreee never ever, going to go steady," skirt.  I added a chunky necklace that used to be my Gram's so it is sentimental to me, along with her broken skinny watch.  I added a funky turquoise ring and I wore my only pair of heels...for this picture.  I can barely walk in them...seriously.  In spite of the fact that this outfit is in no way functional and I might only wear it once a year, it did feel good to put something extra girly on for about two minutes.  I was pretty proud of myself for finding 4 rather simple ways to wear one royal blue, cotton shirt.  Four outfits ranging from frumpy jammies to a nice date night out.  This is mom life.  Whew. That was a fun...might even try it again someday!

  Don't judge my legs...they haven't seen the sun since the summer of 2012.  :)


  1. HAHAHA i love this post so much!!! i love all your expressions and i totally feel ya on all this! :) thanks for sharing love

  2. This is an awesome post Casey@!! I smiled all the way through it:) LOVE the third outfit with the plaid top!

  3. I think you are beautiful even in your 'before shower' attire. When looking at that I looked at myself and began to think how pitiful this really was, I don't think I'd have the guts to show what I'm wearing~ha! I drove the kids to school in this....what if there was an accident? Or a cop stopped me for speeding (no not me) I think after this post I am going to work on more of an effort right out of the gate (as my dad would say)....

    I also love that you wear your grandma's watch, love that! You know when my grandma passed I took her jewelry box. Nothing was in it and I have not opened it much because I don't want the smell to escape. It smells like her inside of it. So, when I need a little grandma I go take a sniff. It really makes me all warm inside. I would love to look down at the time, like you, and have a reminder all the time. Precious Casey!

  4. Wow, I can't even begin to describe how much I can relate to you about fashion. I will wear sweatpants almost everyday unless I am planning on going out that day. I do like to be fashionable, but I am horrible at it, and if I'm just staying home, what's the point? Haha. Just makes me wonder how much less motivated I will be when I am a mother.

    You look gorgeous no matter what you're wearing though; me, not so much. Great post, some very helpful tips.

  5. Awesome post - you look fantastic in every version of the shirt, too!!

    What a beautiful lady!

  6. Great post Casey! Hope you have a great week.

  7. You are too funny! I love all of these outfits! I'd be scared to post what I wear before I get ready for the day!


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