Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Princess Birthday Party Continued...

 This is a rather large picture post from Daisy's princess party.  I figured I'd knock it out all at once as I have quite a few other things that I need to start blogging about:).  As I mentioned in the last post I kept this party simple in comparison to the past two years but, it kept the kiddos just as busy and entertained.  I really do love when activities are self-sustaining and don't require a lot of adult assistance.  It's nice when the adults get to chat and enjoy themselves a little bit too.  Though I will say that it was a SUPER full house and quite noisy.  Daisy had a blast and I had a blast watching her enjoy her 3rd birthday party.  She wasn't happy about wearing her princess dress the day of her party go figure but, when I told her that her buddies were coming over in their dresses she obliged.  Saved! haha  

Thank you to everyone that joined us to celebrate Daisy's birthday this year.  It was such a treat to have so many family and friends with us.  I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful group of people in my life.  

Daisy loved the jewels that I got for the crowns and shields. I think she used up 90% of them on her own...love that her hair is finally long enough to pull back into one ponytail...mostly.  Love my little princess.
and yes, I seized this occasion as an opportunity to get in a picture with everyone that I could since that so rarely happens. These gals are the four pack mommas that you all are probably familiar with by now if you've followed the blog for a little while. It was such a treat to have all four of our kids and families together at one time. Jenn (far left) had her baby boy a few days ago and he is so cute. So happy for them and can't wait to meet baby Knox! Lindsay recently had twin girls and they are just precious! The Lindsey next to me has two boys and her youngest is over a year old now. I've loved watching our kids grow up together! Thanks hubby for capturing us:)
and below the four pack buddies from left to right: Daisy (who was not in the mood to pose for a single pic...too much sugar is my guess, Lila, Sam and Raelyn. They are all 3 now and I have had a BLAST watching these kiddos learn to walk, talk, climb, hug, kiss, get potty trained, become older siblings etc.  They are such wonderful blessings from the Lord.  
and of course...the only picture that Daisy is actually into it...I cut a kid off....SIGH....:) lol Tis life.

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