Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I was taking a few portraits of my husband's grandma in our backyard a few weeks back and every now and then Daisy will decide that she wants her picture taken also.  This is a rare treat because for well over a year she has not liked having her picture taken at all and usually I have to take them when she isn't paying attention or while she is enjoying ice cream or something:).  It is in little moments like these that I notice just how much my daughter has grown up.  She will do her best 3 year old poses and cheesy smiles (but, the kind that just melt my heart into a puddle with their cuteness) and I snap away with glee.  I only got four pictures but, I adore them all, in focus or not.  Just some sweet captures of my little girl enjoying the moment. 

Oh and have I mentioned that this little peanut will be attending preschool this Fall?  This will be her first year attending school!!  Three half days a week.  I know it will be great for both of us but, you better believe that I get a little teary eyed just thinking about how fast time flies and how quickly our little ones become more independent and free.  

Daisy you are growing up so fast and I am barely able to keep up!  I love you to pieces sweet girl of mine.  So blessed that I get to be your Mommy.

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