Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Memories

I love the Summer time for so many reasons (with the exception of the sweltering humidity) but, one of the biggest reasons is that my mom has flown out to visit us just about every year since we have lived here.  Being so far away from most of my family has always been very hard for me and to be honest it has never gotten easier the longer that I live away from them.  This Summer my Dad was able to come out for a little while as well and it was an absolute treat to have them both under our roof!  Daisy is still quite shy around men in general but, she was quickly at ease with my Dad.  He's quiet and laid back.  Daisy enjoyed showing my Dad all of her things and on a couple of occasions I would come out of a room and overhear Daisy talking quietly with my Dad.  She would say such cute and simple little things and my Dad was so good about saying sweet and simple things back.  They just click.  Plus I think my hubby enjoyed having some male conversation and energy around for a change:).  Miss you Dad!  

I have a good two or three posts of instagram and iPhone pictures of our Summer to share.  These posts will probably not be all that interesting to anyone other than me and the people in them but, I am eager to preserve these special memories in blog form:). 

and can I just say how much I love going to church with my family.  Reminds me of the good ol' days when I was younger and we all went together every week only now we have Daisy in the mix which is quite special:)..She looks miserable in the picture below but, I promise it's just that she wasn't in the mood to have her picture taken.
After church Daisy was all about taking pictures with me and my mom (Lulu).  I made my mom take a portrait or two.  I like to do that to her a lot because I love her so much and I like to show her off:).
And then of course we logged lots and lots of pool hours!
And we spent an evening on the lake.  The lake is one of our favorite places to spend time in the Summer.  So peaceful.
And of course my family got to enjoy a good stormy sky or two while they were here. 
The boys watched Avengers in 3D one night...aren't the glasses awesome:).  My Dad's visit came and went so fast.  It was hard to see him go and I felt bad for my Momma because she had to say goodbye for a couple of weeks too.

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  1. Love the photos sweet girl! Looks like everyone had such a blast :)


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