Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Progression of the Puddle Jump...

It's been raining cats and dogs for about a week now which is very unusual where we live. Well, let me rephrase that, it is not at all unusual for it to rain a lot here but, it is unusual for it to rain all day long here for a week straight. It's reminding me very much of my home state of California....when it does actually rain there which is not often.  I know a lot of folks here are so over the rain and I don't blame them but, I do think that there is something to enjoy about the inconsistency in our weather and temperature this Summer. 

Anyways, we FINALLY made time for some puddle jumping yesterday because we simply could not stand being cooped up in the house another second. I should have done this sooner and I don't know why it never even came to mind. I love puddle jumping and if I wasn't holding an iphone in my hand I would have hopped right on in like a wild woman and joined my little peanut. I am a child at heart after all in case you didn't know that about me;). 

There is something so priceless about the look of joy on our children's faces when they are having a truly marvelous time. Their eyes light up and get a certain twinkle about them and in those moments I think time almost stands still. Amidst the rain drops falling on my umbrella and the puddles lapping at my flip flopped feet, there as I watch my daughter radiating the fullness of life, all is well in the world. My heart is brimming with gratitude and thanks for the precious gift that it is to be a mother. Swoon. 

Okie Dokie moving on from the mushy stuff:).
Without further ado, here are pictures from our puddle jumping fun yesterday.  I like to refer to them as "the progression of the puddle jump" shots. :)

 We started out with rain boots and a cute princess umbrella per her request.  Doesn't she look adorable marching around in the puddles!!
And if that wasn't cute enough...isn't this a darling picture of my little one...sorry, I'm kind of obsessed with her.  ;) See how she is still nice and dry....though you will notice that she ditched the umbrella! lol
She had SO much fun. Love this leap capture. Thank you iPhone for making memory capturing so much easier:)!
another epic puddle jump shot if I do say so:). haha. Notice that she is still relatively dry even after loads and loads of puddle jumps!
Next thing I know the boots are off, her body is soaked and she is attempting to "wash" her hair in the muddy rain puddle. HAHAHA I was loving every second of it. Hand stands are still a fave in our house and she stayed this way for a surprisingly long until she was red in the face and wobbling like crazy. I had to tell her to sit down before she passed out. LOL

But wait! There was one thing left to do...the grand finale!!
 We had such a wonderful time! 
The end:).


  1. Such fun!! :) I've missed your sweet words and beautiful pictures!

  2. I do love that "jump" shot! Thanks for the blog love! I've missed you! Thought I'd come back and say hello. Life is just so busy (in a good way) it's hard to keep up in the blogosphere! p.s. left you tips on my blog for making those Fourth of July festive pretzel rods! :)

  3. Ha ha. Hilarious. Love these photos!!

  4. These pictures are so priceless! What a good mom you are to let her live in that moment! Absolutely adorable!!


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