Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Capturing Her Essence

When I grew up, video cameras were the size of a small car and people would have to lug those suckers around for hours at the cost of severe shoulder cramps and stiff muscles for days just to capture special events.  Now we all have tiny, light weight cameras right at our fingertips (in our phones) and I have not captured even half as much as my family did before me.  I have no excuse.

 I got the urge this week to document through video and I carved out a little extra time to capture the essence of my kiddo who is almost four.  I wanted to capture her mannerisms and facial expressions, her conversational style, her vocabulary, her interests, her sweetness and silliness all at the same time.  She is changing so much every day it seems and this age really is so much fun.

Daisy is not great about carrying on as usual if she knows that I am recording her.  I have to make it appear as though the camera is sitting on the table away from me which is why she is off screen a bit in one of the videos.  

We had fun making coleslaw together or as she calls it Kholz.  I think she enjoyed making this "show" so much that we will be doing more of them in the future and maybe someday she will do a show all on her own:).  I hear that there happens to be another Daisy Martinez and she is a celebrity chef!  Maybe it has something to do with the name?  You never know...;)

 I am impressed that I am managing to pass on an interest in cooking in spite of the fact that I dislike it so much.  Maybe someday Daisy will love cooking so much that she will want to cook dinner for me every night.  Nah.  It never works out that way but, I'll keep telling myself that in the hope of keeping some wind in these sails of mine.  lol

  Oh and please excuse the ant that rudely video bombed us.  I noticed him after watching this video a handful of times and realized how gross it is to see a bug in a video revolving around food.  Sigh.  We have had a few of them marching around this winter but, I promise our house is not overrun with bugs and this food was eaten by our family...not guests. lol

 Daisy really wants to be "married."  She obviously has little to no idea what it means to be married but, she thinks it has something to do with wearing a white princess dress and that is enough to get her excited.  The boy she wants to marry is Vincent.  He is a sweet neighbor friend:).  

Daisy is such a mega girly girl but, she can also be wild and rough at times.  I'd say she's a good balance:).   I think this video captures so much of her personality.  Love my little peanut.
and here is a super short video of Daisy at her first ballet class. She loves ballet. The short 45 minute class can really wear her out because she strains so hard to do exactly what the teacher says and it doesn't always come easily for her.  She loves wearing her tutu and she loves wearing all pink.  It can be a challenge to get any color other than pink on her some days.  Little pink princess.

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