Friday, September 5, 2014

First Week Of Preschool 4's

My sweet girl started 4's preschool this past Tuesday, September 2, 2014.  Last year she only attended school three days a week but, this year she is going five days a week and an hour longer.  She also eats lunch at school now.  The purpose of the schedule is to help the 4 year olds to prepare for kindergarten which will be an even longer day.  I could easily have done three days again this year because I am not needing that much time away from my love bug but, on the other hand being six months preggo and counting...I am wiped out and this morning break is a huge blessing for my weary mind and body.  This year Daisy has a lot of friends in her class.  Some new friends and some old and that made this year an easy transition.  She enjoys her teachers and each day after class she usually tells me one favorite thing about that day.  I've heard that she cooked one day, read a book to her friend, went potty 3 times (lol), showed all her friends and teachers her nail polish and her teachers complimented them etc.  I love the little tid bits that she gives me but, I have learned that I can't pry too much because Daisy needs to decompress after school for a while.  

Daisy loves being home with me.  I think she would be content to stay inside and do crafts, workbooks, cook, help me clean and do imagination play etc. with me all day long.  She is a Mommy's girl for sure and she is a home body...just like me.  lol  That being said I expected that she would be a little anxious on her first day of school and during the first week but, I also know that Daisy is very brave and resilient and I knew she would have fun once she got into her class with her friends. 
(looking a little serious in this pic...that is her nervousness coming through a little bit:).  Still I appreciate that she lets me take these pictures of her and is such a good sport. 

I could tell she was excited and nervous on her first day because she was happy and agreeable but, she was much quieter than usual.  She is a thinker and I could see that her little wheels were turning.  I prayed for her while I was making her lunch and getting her ready and that helped to give both of us some peace of mind.  She gave me lots of kisses and then walked bravely into her new class.  I'm so proud of my kiddo.  (side note: this pic was the day before school started.  My kiddo sometimes like to get dressed all pretty and I just loved the sweet smile she gave me when I asked if I could take a picture of her cute outfit:).  

There was a funny misunderstanding on day one.  Daisy is now doing a carpool pick up after school each day.  She is not familiar with that term and for whatever reason she thought her teacher was telling her that she and the other kids were going to a new pool after school.  Seriously cute...LOL.  So when I finally got to the front of the carpool line and picked her up she was so excited about the new swimming pool we were heading to.  I was confused of course but, quickly figured out where the confusion came from.  I did my best to explain a carpool and I apologized that we were in fact not going to a pool that afternoon.  She was devastated (and over tired from a fun day at school) and had a little melt down on the drive home but, she quickly got over it.  Still I thought it was pretty cute.  
(lately Daisy loves being in her room...preferably with me.  It blesses me that she feels calm and peaceful in her room.  She goes in to relax, to cook, play with her babies or get into her piggy bank as she is here in this pic. I'll admit that I love her soft pink room too.  It's so feminine and relaxing and I often lounge on the bed with my huge stomach flopped on a pillow so I can play with her. lol)  

All in all it's been a great first week.  Daisy is definitely enjoying school and I am so proud of how far she has come since last year when she started her 3's preschool class.  Tugs on the ol' heart strings to see her getting bigger, smarter, taller....I just love her at this age.  4 is so much work energy wise but, the relationship I have with my daughter at 4 is priceless.  So thankful for my little girl and all that God has taught me about life and love through her. 
I love you to pieces my sweet, thoughtful, silly, creative, sensitive, beautiful, Daisy Love!

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