Sunday, February 15, 2015

Their First Valentine's Together

This is Daisy's first Valentine's Day with a sibling!  So special:).  I had every intention of documenting them together on Valentine's day but, Bruin has been having one heck of a time the past few days.  Instead, I squeezed in a quick valentine picture session, (like 2 minute session) with the two of them today.  I'll admit it felt a bit anticlimactic to do this the day after the holiday had passed.  lol

Anyways, Bruin has a bad cold, he got 3 shots and an oral vaccination on Friday, he is cutting two bottom teeth and drooling like crazy.  Poor guy:( He's miserable and thus he's keeping me on duty 24/7.  It's exhausting around here to say the least BUT, it's all good because these are all temporary circumstances and Bruin will hopefully be feeling better again asap.  It's also all good because I love my kiddos to pieces and I am so grateful that they are happy (generally speaking) and healthy.  It's all good because I serve an awesome God and I am blessed beyond measure.  So yah, no matter what, it's all good:).   

Being that Bruin was not up for pictures at all I am thankful that I managed to get this picture below.  Can you tell that they are siblings?  The eyes, the noses, the face shapes, the smiles...all so similar.  

We do hope you all had a wonderful and very Happy Valentine's Day 2015! We are so thankful for all of our wonderful friends and family.  We love you all! 

I do so adore this picture of Daisy from a few days ago.  I just happened to capture this sweet moment amongst a ton of really goofy, silly shots which I also love.  I hope I find time to edit more of the pictures from these little sessions as I love so many of them.  I can't get over how grown up Daisy looks in this picture.  So mature, so sweet!  

I actually straightened her hair for these pics.  That was only the second time that I have ever done that as I like to let her hair be as it is but, it was neat to see it straight for a change.  Perhaps that is why she looks a bit different?  Anyways,  I will be printing this picture for sure.  My almost 5 year old! 


  1. Boo I hope little man feels better soon! Love the photo of them both :) too cute..

  2. Amazing pictures!! Can't wait to catch up on everything that you've been up to :)


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