Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pregnancy Snapshots

 This post really serves no purpose other than to share/vomit a large amount of maternity pictures that were either snapped by me or someone else during my pregnancy. All of these images were captured on my cell phone as I seldom break out my nice camera anymore these days.  So sad but, the cell phone is just so much easier.  I know that so many Mom-photographers can relate.  I didn't take nearly as many pictures when I was pregnant with Daisy but, this time around it was fun to document the pregnancy with Daisy beside me!  It was special to be pregnant with the child that would make my daughter a big sister.  That fact alone made this pregnancy very special to me and helped me to weather the challenges with more grace. 

Anyways, if I don't blog these images now, they will disappear onto a hard drive somewhere, never to be seen again most likely. So blog I shall! 

I am glad that we snapped this family picture (below) at the farm this past October.  I was SO uncomfortable at this point.  I had a really bad issue with itching all over my body.  I never knew what would set it off but it was almost a daily battle.  It would start on my stomach and then spread to my legs, back etc.  SO SO uncomfortable...A few times I thought it might drive me completely crazy and I even showered multiple times in one day to try and calm it down but, with no luck.  This particular day at the farm the itching started to kick in but, only at the end of our outing thank goodness.  Otherwise, we had a wonderful time and even made the most of the pouring rain. lol  I seldom ask strangers for a family picture so I am very thankful for this one. 

The rest of the pictures are just random shots capturing our daily life.  I have to share that I am SO happy to not be pregnant anymore.  There, I said it.  As I have said before, being preggo is not something that agrees with me physically or mentally and I always feel so much better once my babies are in my arms and out of my tummy.  I wonder if I will ever miss being pregnant?  Maybe someday.  Who knows:).  I thank God that I have been able to experience pregnancy and I thank God that I have been able to carry healthy babies.  I also thank God that pregnancy is only nine months long and not nine years.  Thank you sweet Jesus! hehe
Barefoot, pregnant and cooking.  I aspire to greatness! 
My belly became a nice pillow for Daisy in the morning. 
My niece fit very nicely on my huge belly
I was HUGE but, I actually felt a tiny bit pretty this particular day.  That was unheard of for me during my pregnancy. lol.  It blows my mind to think that my son was alive and thriving in my belly.  That he could have been born that day and he would have been perfectly healthy.  He was all smashed and curled up inside my womb just waiting for his day.  The miracle of life is to incredible for me to even wrap my head around. 
snuggling my good friend's new baby girl.  She was born just a few weeks before Bruin.  It gave me hope and put some light back in my tunnel to hold a newborn so close to the finish line. I kept telling myself, "okay, I can do this! I am so close!" 
I was absolutely determined to get our tree before my delivery as I had a feeling I wouldn't be up to anything after the baby came.  I think it was a God thing that I felt that way because we had the house completely finished and decorated so pretty and after I ended up having the unplanned C-section I was laid out on the couch next to our beautiful Christmas tree for two weeks.  So thankful that I had a pretty view while I recovered and the tree just so happened to be Bruin's favorite thing to look at for the first 3 weeks of his life too! 
This was my 39 week belly shot if I am recalling correctly.  I felt MASSIVE!  I think I gained about 40 pounds this time.  Thanks Bruin! Good times:)! The good news is that he LOVES to nurse and he has pretty much nursed 90% of it off of me already.  Thanks again Bruin! lol  
A Christmas belly shot with my sister-in-law.  Just days before I was to pop! 
I'm so glad I captured this.  Daisy loved snuggling in my bed with me in the morning and talking to her "brudder." I love that her little mouth is in a pucker as she is mid chatter.  She was so excited to be a big sister and she really has been the most wonderful sister that Bruin could ever have.  
This was my very last night as a mommy of just one kiddo. I snuggled Daisy in bed until she fell asleep because she was a bit wound up and anxious about her brother coming the next day understandably.  Whenever I snuggle with her she always falls right to sleep. 

 It was more heart breaking for me than anything to be honest because I was already so emotional at that point about the day ahead of me.  I couldn't believe that it would never again just be me and her and I don't know if I could have ever been fully ready to give that up. My sweet, precious daughter who I had 4 plus wonderful years with.  The little girl who made me a mommy.  The child whose laughter, cuddles and needs carried me through one of the hardest seasons of my life for three years. My first baby and forever my little girl.  It was a priceless bedtime snuggle that I will cherish in my heart for a lifetime.  
My very last pregnancy captures.  40 weeks and 1 day pregnant!  I was excited! I was a tad anxious.  I remember that I actually felt pretty that morning with my red Christmas nails and my freshly colored hair. Superficial things yes, but, those little things boosted my confidence and helped me feel more ready for the task ahead of me.  Perhaps God knew that I needed the extra boost for the unexpected day ahead of me!  
I know I said it already but, isn't it crazy that a 7 pound 12 ounce baby is all curled up inside my belly.  I cannot stop thinking about how incredible that is.  One second they are inside our bodies, thriving off the nourishment that our bodies provide, living in total darkness and surrounded by warm fluid and the next second (or hours in my case) they are THRUST into, cold rooms with bright lights, extra noise and oxygenated air!  God is so amazing.  

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