My guy, Joey, and I met during the first semester of our junior year in high school.  We were both sixteen and we happened to be in a keyboarding class together.  His computer somehow "broke" and he was moved to the only other available computer which happened to be next to me.  We immediately hit it off as friends and teased and joked around with each other throughout class.  The teacher was always picking on Joey for talking too much (to me) but, she never once called me out for it.  I was a favorite:) haha.  I didn't really have any feelings for Joey at that point but, I thought he was a cute, nice guy and kind of left it at that.  We ended the semester in December of 1999 and went our separate ways for the holidays.  When we came back to school I had pretty much moved on and wasn't thinking about him anymore but, he was still thinking about me! He transferred out of his Home Economics class and into my music appreciation class (sneaky guy!) and since our teacher never taught us anything (how sad huh) we just sat around and chatted everyday in class and continued to become better friends. God had a plan! 

I had never really dated anyone up to that point.  I had good guy friends that I liked before Joey but, I had never even kissed a guy yet. I really believe in saving that stuff for the right person...or for who you hope to be Mr. Right. It doesn't always work out that way and I understand that.  I asked my mom if I could go on a group date with Joey and she gave me the green light.  I had never asked a guy to do anything before, let alone initiate the exchanging of phone numbers.  (Yes, I am old fashioned) Clearly this boy meant something more to me!  Turns out he had every intention of asking me out that same day and he was absolutely blown away that I beat him to, the shy, never date a guy kinda girl.  

Anyhoo, we did go on several group dates and I grew more and more fond of Joey and I think he was pretty hooked on me from the get go because he was so persistent and faithful to call, hang out with me, write me sweet and silly notes everyday and eventually in May of 2000 after having some very serious heart to heart talks about our faith and how important it needs to be in our relationship, we made our relationship official...and then I had my first kiss, with the guy who is now my hubby.  So special! 

We had the usual rough patches in our dating relationship but, it was still a great 4 years.  Bringing two people with totally different upbringings, different likes and dislikes and opposite's just the reality of life that it will take time for two people to grow to understand each other well, to be patient even when it's hard, to let go of jealousies, to love and forgive endlessly.  Love only grows stronger when it's tested if you let it and that's how it has worked out for us.  My guy proposed to me in the Summer of 2003 at the beach on a super chilly night, while we sat atop a huge sand dune eating ice cream and looking out at a gorgeous orange sunset. We were engaged for about 10 months and got married on May 1st, 2004 at our home church, Calvary Chapel and had a small beach themed reception after wards. It was a wonderful, peaceful day for me.  Then we honeymooned in Costa Rica for 10 days! Awesome!  God is so good! 

We worked and lived in California for a few years and finally realized that we could not stay in CA forever as the housing market was just ridiculously expensive.  We both wanted to start a family someday at that point and knew we needed to move where we could make that a financial possibility.  God was SO faithful and did so many amazing things to get us to where we are today...North Carolina.  I wish I could elaborate as it was really one miracle after another but, it would make this already far to long post...much longer.  In October of 2007 we packed up our things and had to drive separately (both of our cars) across country for five days.  We love it here and feel very strongly that we are exactly where God wants us to be.  We both work remotely for our companies out of California and feel very blessed to be able to do that!  

Our first child, Daisy Love Martinez, was born March 31st, 2010 and has been the most amazing gift that God has ever given us.  We adore her and praise God for her daily.  I will be honest...having a child was a bit of an adjustment for me relationally speaking because Joey and I had nearly 10 years alone together before little Miss Daisy joined us.  I was very used to our Friday night date nights, our lazy Sundays of napping all day after church and just watching movies late at night while we snuggled together.  Um, that all changes after having a child and I knew that it would but, it still takes time to get used to the new when the old was so familiar.  I'm so thankful to my handsome, patient, loving hubby for being so helpful, understanding and supportive as we have stepped into this parenting journey together.  I love my guy SO much that sometime my heart hurts.  I don't even think I could express to him in words how much he means to me...and unfortunately these days I am so busy that I feel like a slacking wife.  Joey, baby, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! You are an amazing, hard working, sexy, faithful, funny, steak grilling pro, fishing maniac and I can't wait to get older and saggy and gray with you!  


  1. I love the picture of you two when you were younger(i think in high school) that you posted for your anniversary this year. You were at this amazing view in the mountains and your hair was in a pony tail. i think that picture would go perfectly with this post. Such a fairy tale love story! It is so sweet!

  2. How many years have I been calling you to order Sunday School literature? You are ALWAYS so very helpful! Isn't it funny how you picture someone and then 'see' them and say WOW, that's not how I pictured her at are much MORE BEAUTIFUL (inside and out) than I imagined. I have a new love and respect for you after hearing your story. I look forward to keeping in touch for - well, several, years to come as I am almost retirement age. But I will treasure all of our calls!
    God bless you and your wonderful family..........your super hubby and your PRECIOUS child, Daisy! (what a cutie!) Susan

  3. I'll never forget the night you got engaged and called me while I was at work...I was the first person you told!! I feel so special and honored. :-) On top of being a great mom and wife, talented photographer and writer, a musician, beautiful, etc., you're also the best friend a gal could have. :-)

  4. Well, I remember when you told me you and Joey would be getting married, and you asked me how Joey would be related to me once he was your husband. I paused for a moment and guessed "My Uncle?" You had a good laugh over that one. I figured out pretty quick that he was my brother-in-law. Good times. =)

  5. pretty much you guys are the cutest couple!! :)

  6. Loved reading your story! What a cute couple you are! I'll have to share mine with you sometime! :) I love how you have it tabbed on your site. I'm gonna look into that for my blog! Its needing a facelift anyway! LOL

  7. I love love love this post, so much heart and beauty and full of God's blessings.
    I so understand your story, I feel that we have quite a bit in common. My hubby and I were each other's first kiss and everything, it's beautiful and after 10 years of marriage we had our little guy who was born April 2010. I definitely went through that adjustment period of having my hubby to myself whenever I wanted to now our son taking most of my time. I love it, I feel beyond blessed with my little dude but sometimes I get glimpses of that old life and there's nostalgia there, however never any regrets.

  8. Loved reading your story! Daisy's birthday is on our anniversary!! She'll turn 1 and we'll be celebrating 10 years!!

  9. What a beautiful story! I loved reading it from beginning to end! It is so neat how you two met. And how he was your first kiss! Now that is beautiful to me. Maybe I am being biased since my first kiss was with my husband as well ;)

    You have a gorgeous family!

  10. Ah love this Casey!!! What a beautiful wedding photo and all the photos are great for that matter :-)

  11. hi, i'm a new follower of your blog...which I have totally fallen in love with! your photos are all stunning, and your story is, makes me swoon!!!! i love reading your posts...just makes me feel so sunny, lol! and, you guys are a gorgeous family!! so glad to have found you...look forword to reading more.


  12. awww! yay! what a great story! i am old fashioned too...and still haven't kissed or dated a guy. my story is on my "waiting on Him" page on my blog if you would like to read it. :) love your blog...

  13. I never knew you two met in keyboarding! Well, heck, maybe I did. But that is a pretty cool story.

    I remember May 1, 2004 very well. Mainly because I was bummed the wedding was going to take place on a Saturday rather than another day because I liked to party Friday night. The wedding was still way cool and I'm glad I was able to make it!

    I never have dated a guy either. I did, however, kiss a guy. Well, two guys.

    But enough about me, Casey. Great blog!


    ps Best picture of all is the fourth from the top.


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