Monday, April 29, 2013


...better late than never....annnnd moving on. 

This is definitely a favorite verse of mine for the Easter celebration well, and always actually:). 

John 3:16-17
"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. "For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world should be saved through Him"
Soooo, Easter was super busy because not only did we go to church but, it was also Daisy's 3rd birthday (Happy actual birth day boo boo!) and we had lots of family in town.  It was a wonderful kind of busy.  Daisy looked adorable in her Easter dress Sunday morning and she was actually excited about going to church to celebrate Jesus in her pretty outfit. I'm bummed that I didn't get a nice picture of Daisy outside with my DSLR camera but, these days I'm not surprised.  There just aren't enough hours in the day to get all the pictures that I'd like to get! lol Plus it was really windy and cold that morning and I was wearing a dress that I had to hold down pretty much constantly (not fun)...taking a picture outside would have been a bad idea if you get my drift. haha

I think that this is the first holiday that little things are starting to really click for Daisy.  She was pointing out crosses around this time and saying, "tank you to Dejus for da cwoss. I wuv you."  The other day I was wearing a cross necklace and she pointed at it and said, "Mommy you are wehing Dejus cwoss cuz He wuvs you so much wight?"  Man, I tell yah I just about wept with joy.  So she is listening!  She does hear and take things in even when it doesn't seem like it!  Praise the Lord. haha.  

I am not a big fan of doing over the top Easter baskets but, I also don't want Daisy to not get one at all because I remember as a kid how much I loved the little goodies my mom put out for us each Easter morning.  My mom was always diligent about incorporating goodies that focused on Jesus into our baskets and honestly my favorite goodie each year was the new bible or devotional she would get me.  I literally couldn't wait to see which one she got me and I loved reading them!  I'd like to try to do something similar for Daisy and this year I got her the Berenstein Bears Bible storybook.  It's still a little mature for her to be honest but, we've been able to read a few of the stories together and she enjoys them.  I think the yellow wind up chick stole the show this year though.  She couldn't get enough of that thing hopping around.  It's the simple things in life..seriously. haha

  And can I just add that I love Daisy's cheerful outfit and I wish it came in my size:). Thanks Auntie Jess for her pink pants!  

And Daisy had just woken up from a nap so she was a little sleepy faced and groggy but, she was SO happy to wake up to her basket after her nap.  My mom also gave her a birthday present and that princess microphone has been a favorite of Daisy's since that day.  It gets LOUD....thanks mom, haha. but, it's a blast to sing into a mic that actually works!  So happy that my mom was here to celebrate with us this year.  It was such a treat to have her around.
the starbursts kept getting stuck in her teeth but, she seemed to enjoy picking them out. hehe
Shortly after this we went to the grand parent's house for an Easter egg hunt and dinner...she requested the Easter egg hunt three separate times and she really didn't care about opening the eggs at all.  Just wanted us to repeatedly hide them.  I thought that was pretty funny. We had such a great time visiting with all of our family...more pictures from that to follow if I ever get around to it!!
 "yeah! I got one!!"
 Unfortunately it had rained quite a bit and the yard was like a squishy swamp so we had to do most of our hunt indoors.  She didn't mind though:). 
Our Easter morning attire and Daisy being a silly little peanut as usual.  I do have to give her props though because between her birthday the day before and Easter she was being requested to take way too many pictures and she was a champ through it all...silly but, a champ nonetheless:).  Proud of you Daisy bean:).
And in closing I just want to say how wonderful it was to have my mom here during this rather busy season.  She helped me shop, watched Daisy while I shopped, decorate, food prep etc.  I couldn't have pulled the weekend off without her!  She was literally Daisy's personal slave for a week.  And I love going to church with my Momma.  We both enjoy talking after the service about our thoughts on God, life and stuff and that's always a blessing.  She's my best friend hands down.  Love you to pieces Marme!

Friday, April 26, 2013


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hello 30

I've written this post dozens of times over the past three weeks and each time I have deleted it, unsatisfied.  After numerous paragraphs, or the equivalent of trash cans full of waded paper drafts I am left with this rather short and refined post to usher in my 30th year.  

At the end of every day I want to be able to say, "This is a beautiful life and I have lived it well." As I peruse the ever so full chapter on my twenties I marvel at all that I accomplished, all that I experienced, walked through, learned and how much I grew.  It is a chapter nearly bursting at the seems in all honesty and what a wonderful thing that is.  It was a decade of lessons, of adventure and of exciting firsts (job, marriage, new car, new home, first child, new state, new friends!).  It was a decade of great pain as we lost people very dear to us and we've battled confusing illnesses and marital trials.  It's been a decade of great joy as God has allowed my daughter to be a vessel to teach me about the beauty of life all over again....and wow what a beautiful life this is! Through all the good the bad and the ugly, my story is being written and when all of the pages are sewn together, woven into my book of life and held in the hands of my maker I hope that He will look upon my story and say, "well done, good and faithful servant.  You took the life that I gave you and you lived it ALL to bring me glory.  You lived it full and you lived it well.  What I see here in all the joy, the pain and the struggle is simply beautiful.  I am written on every page of your life."  Oh to hear those words from the mouth of my Lord and Savior Jesus when I stand before him someday.  

Every single day is a gift.  Every breath.  Every sunrise and sunset.  Every hug, kiss, laugh and smile shared with our loved ones.  Every moment is a gift.  I am so thankful for the 30 years that I have had. Wow! 30 years!  I am so blessed for all that I have been able to accomplish, experience and learn in my life up to this point.  No, not everything has panned out as I thought it would.  No, I haven't accomplished everything that I expected or even that I hoped.  No, it hasn't been easy or even fun all the time.  No, I do not have a perfect life but, I have lived 30 full and glorious years.  Thank you Jesus, for continually teaching me how to make the most of what I've been given.  

So, here's to 30 and whatever is written on the pages to come!  As my mom would say, "Saddle up your horses cuz we got uh trail to blaze!" :) Here's to another day, week or as many more years of adventure, love, laughter and tears that God wills me to have. To God be all the glory forever and ever. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thinking of You Today Gram

Today is my Gram's birthday.  She would be 77 years old if she were still with us (I think that's right).   It's been 6.5 months since she was suddenly snatched away from us and I know that we are all still processing her passing and the loss we feel in different ways.   Just a week ago or so her home was sold and the key was handed over to a new owner. (heart aching at the thought).  It feels especially weird to know that I will never be able to visit my Gram or her home when I fly out to CA for a visit.  Some people move a lot and their homes don't ever become terribly sentimental to them.  My Gram had lived in the same house ever since my mom was a teenager so you could imagine that it held boat loads of memories for our families.  The home was in a sense, another family member and I think a lot of us have had to grieve the loss of the home just as much as the woman who created it to be such a wonderful place for her family to enjoy. 
I miss her so much. Like, I miss her a TON times infinity.  I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to call her and tell her the latest news or text her a picture of Daisy.  I always sent her texts with pictures and she was by far the best responder....slow at times but, faithful and she wrote the cutest things in her replies.  I miss her comments on my instagram pics and on my Facebook page.  I'm sad that I won't get a call from her on my birthday this Saturday.  She would be singing Happy Birthday to me in her horrible cackling singing voice that I loved.  We were the only April birthdays in the family.  It was special to share the month with her and we always talked about how much we loved being spring babies.  We both love flowers and gardening so much and spring always put us both in a good mood.  I made artichokes last night and I couldn't help but think of my Gram the entire time I prepared them and ate them. We ate some together the last time I visited.  She made a big mess and we laughed about it together.  It's funny how such unexpected things will trigger a memory of her.  I know she would have loved Daisy's Easter outfit this year.  She loved when we all dressed fancy for the holidays.  She was rather old fashioned in many ways and Daisy would have made her proud this year:)

After my Gram passed, I intentionally chose to put a picture of her that I love on my fridge.  For about two months it was quite painful for me to even look at the picture when I opened the fridge without being overcome with sorrow.  I couldn't process the emotions that rose up inside of me.   

After a couple of especially hard months, I began to want to look at her picture and smile at her.  I would blow her pic a kiss every now and then.  I would find myself gazing at her, forgetting the milk jug still in my hand and talk to her or just pray aloud to calm my aching heart.  The thoughts that pop into my head now over 6.5 months later are rarely dark as they often were the first few months.  There isn't a stabbing rush of pain in my heart when I think of her or see her picture.  Don't get me wrong if I allow myself to think too long I can get sad rather quickly but, the simple day to day thinking is much more manageable.  Peace is slowly trickling in (because I want it to!) and filling up the's coming slowly but, it's coming.  Of course there will always be moments of sadness for as long as I live but, I am hopeful and confident that time will lessen the intensity.  I know my Gram would want me to live a life as full as possible for her!

I'll miss her for as long as I live and she will always be in my thoughts.  Today I want to celebrate the good times and the memories we shared.  Happy Birthday to you Dearest Gram!
Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Princess Birthday Party Continued...

 This is a rather large picture post from Daisy's princess party.  I figured I'd knock it out all at once as I have quite a few other things that I need to start blogging about:).  As I mentioned in the last post I kept this party simple in comparison to the past two years but, it kept the kiddos just as busy and entertained.  I really do love when activities are self-sustaining and don't require a lot of adult assistance.  It's nice when the adults get to chat and enjoy themselves a little bit too.  Though I will say that it was a SUPER full house and quite noisy.  Daisy had a blast and I had a blast watching her enjoy her 3rd birthday party.  She wasn't happy about wearing her princess dress the day of her party go figure but, when I told her that her buddies were coming over in their dresses she obliged.  Saved! haha  

Thank you to everyone that joined us to celebrate Daisy's birthday this year.  It was such a treat to have so many family and friends with us.  I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful group of people in my life.  

Daisy loved the jewels that I got for the crowns and shields. I think she used up 90% of them on her that her hair is finally long enough to pull back into one ponytail...mostly.  Love my little princess.
and yes, I seized this occasion as an opportunity to get in a picture with everyone that I could since that so rarely happens. These gals are the four pack mommas that you all are probably familiar with by now if you've followed the blog for a little while. It was such a treat to have all four of our kids and families together at one time. Jenn (far left) had her baby boy a few days ago and he is so cute. So happy for them and can't wait to meet baby Knox! Lindsay recently had twin girls and they are just precious! The Lindsey next to me has two boys and her youngest is over a year old now. I've loved watching our kids grow up together! Thanks hubby for capturing us:)
and below the four pack buddies from left to right: Daisy (who was not in the mood to pose for a single pic...too much sugar is my guess, Lila, Sam and Raelyn. They are all 3 now and I have had a BLAST watching these kiddos learn to walk, talk, climb, hug, kiss, get potty trained, become older siblings etc.  They are such wonderful blessings from the Lord.  
and of course...the only picture that Daisy is actually into it...I cut a kid off....SIGH....:) lol Tis life.