Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Cutest Weather Girl There Ever Was

Introducing, Daisy Love Martinez. Your local weather kiddo.

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago when we were bored out of our minds with all of the constant snow days.  In one of our many efforts to come up with something to do, Daisy came up with the super creative idea of turning my Valentine backdrop into a weather reporting station.   I loved the idea! I used to do similar role playing as a kid and had so much fun.  I pulled her table onto the backdrop and then I watched with a smile of amusement on my face as she began collecting different things from around the house that she felt would be suitable for her reporting desk.  She brought her notebook, Kindergarten workbook, Frozen calendar, bucket of pens and pencils, camera and then she even thought to bring her Valentine flowers that Daddy got her and set them on the table as well.  I think the flowers were the finishing touch and I was so happy that she thought to use them.

One of her favorite shows right now is The Odd Squad.  I'm thinking that show might have been a bit of inspiration for this activity and Daisy wanted to wear a suit like the agents in the show...only she made it clear that it needed to be a pink suit.  Yah um, I don't have a pink suit in size 5.  Sorry kiddo.  So we improvised and she wore a pink shirt with a somewhat suit-ish looking sweater.  It was a stretch but, she was happy as a clam!

 The set looked absolutely darling and what I love about it all is that this wasn't some contrived effort on my part to come up with cute pictures.  These pictures are simply the product of a kid getting to be a kid and I had the pleasure of capturing it.  The best kind of fun.