Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Memories Part 2

The next couple of posts are going to be a bunch or random summer memories captured while my Momma was visiting so bear with me:).  I'm still printing this blog and I am trying oh so hard to keep it up for my kiddo.  I think she will appreciate it someday...and if not, I know that I will because my memory is already so terrible that the chances of me remembering any of this in ten years are slim to none!  haha.  

Speaking of my kiddo.  She has been cracking me up lately.  Three is oh so exhausting but, oh so hilarious.  I mean HILARIOUS.  I LOVE asking little kids questions just to hear what their answers will be.  My favorite!! This morning Daisy woke up at around at 6:30 when the trash truck came barreling down the street.  Thanks a lot guys.  Fortunately, she fell back to sleep.  Then I heard her chatting on the monitor around 7:30 so I picked up the walkie talkie monitor and said, "hey darling. Are you gonna come in here and snuggle with me," to which she replied slowly, "uhhh, noooo. I'm not ready yet."  Then she proceeded to sleep for another hour.  Cracked me up!! 

She has been watching a new Curious George Movie and evidently the Man with the yellow hat regularly refers to his paper work as his priorities.  Daisy must have really liked the sound of that word because yesterday she started calling everything, "my bootifuwl pwiorwities."  It was so freaking adorable I could hardly stand it.  Fortunately I got a quick video of it on Instagram. 

And the last funny Daisy special that I want to share is that she is really into referring to all of her features as big.  I think in her mind this means that she wants to feel like a big girl but, it ends up being really funny.  It goes something like this,  "Mom, wook at my teef.  Dey are weally big!  Mom, wook at my hands.  Dey are weally big!  And wook at my bottom.  It is weally weally big.  Isn't it mommy?"  Oh my gosh, the stuff that kids come up with just kills me.  I just LOVE they things that little people say.

Anyways, on to random summer memories....
And Daisy started taking an interest in setting the table while my mom was here.  It was pretty adorable and I'm so impressed that she just decided to do it all on her own.
And she fell asleep in my arms even after a long nap so you know that we were keeping her really busy:)
We went on a LOT of walks in the evening while my mom was here.  We are just a walking / outdoor kind of family.  It could be the pool, bike riding or walking.  It's how we prefer to spend that witching hour right before bedtime.  lol
Daisy definitely worked the Lulu system.  She pretty much asked my mom to hold her 24/7 and just about always got her request..little stinker:)
  And we hit up Trader Joe's one night while my mom was here which happens to be one of our favorite places to grocery shop.  Doesn't Daisy look adorable!!  My baby is getting so big!!! boohoo!
My hubby and I have had the same couch since we got married over 9 years ago.  It was oh so comfortable but, not at all pleasing to the eye.  It's been through several cats, a dog, a messy toddler and it was becoming quite thread bare in some spots. I've been looking for a new couch for over 2 years now.  I am ridiculously slow about getting things done if a long term comittment is involved like a couch for example.  What if I don't like it? I can't afford restocking fees so I think I feel like I am stuck with it so I better be sure I like it!  You could say that I am indecisive and making large decisions.  hehe While my mom was out visiting in March this year we started couch shopping together and she really helped me to pin down the style of couch.  Thank you Mom!  I ordered the couch in May and during my Mom's June visit the couch was finally delivered!  It was a treat to have her help and company thorugh out the couch hunting process. And in case you are curious, I LOVE our new couch.  So happy with it! I'm sure you will see more pictures of us sitting on it in the future.  lol
The funny thing is that Daisy was devastated when my mom and I moved our old couch out and the movers brought in our new couch.  I mean she was DEVASTATED and would not stop crying.  She though (for some bizarre reason) that our new couch was going to be a pink couch or at least have pink pillows and she could not let it go when it did not.  I tried my best to help her work through her sadness because she was a wreck.  I think parting with the old couch was like losing a dear friend in her 3 year old mind.  So of course my mom went out and bought Daisy a big, fluffy, pink pillow to use on the couch (or floor in this case) and all was well in the world...hehe...Grandmas are the best!
Anyways, back to our Summer while my Momma was here.  We had a few musical jam sessions...Daisy loves to perform for family and friends if she is comfortable enough.  I wonder if someday she will be a singer or musician?  Time will tell:).
 I finally got to introduce my mom to my favorite antique shop.  I've been telling her about it for years.  Nice to check it off the list:).  There are a lot of colorful rocks lying around on the ground and Daisy can spend a good hour searching for them and sticking them in random pots and bowls laying around the antique yard.  I asked the owner and she said that was what the rocks were for.  Yeah for shop owners who understand that little activities for the customer kids goes a long way!
My mom treated me to a unique necklace with a D on it.  I've always wanted a parent necklace and I love things that are unique.  Perfect for me....unique and personal.  Thanks so much Momma!
I thought these earrings were pretty adorable too!  Maybe it is the writer in me and the fact that they are type writer keys...:)
 I loved all the cute signs around the shop.  I recently saw a tutorial on Pinterest on how to make one of these signs with a little more detail.  I realize it's pretty basic but, I need all the tips I can get. hehe.  What kind of stencils should I use?  How do I give it an aged look? How do I hang it? How do I fasten the boards together?  Yah, that kind of stuff just doesn't come easily to me but, thanks to Pinterest I don't have to strain my brain anymore. haha  When I get around to making my first one I'll be sure to post it here:)l  Wish me luck. 
Daisy and my mom had a few dance sessions.  Basically Daisy told my mom how to dance and then told her she was doing it wrong and showed her how to do it right...over and over again  Crack up:).

And one night my mom threw together this rather simple but, so freaking delicious salad with a yummy Trader Joe's dressing and seasoned chicken. I think I ate half the bowl by myself. I'm not kidding. 
Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak and Slow to Anger

"My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger." James 1:19 

I almost had one of those parenting moments this morning that I most certainly would have regretted had this verse not been on my heart.  

While I was washing dishes this morning, I asked my 3 year old to put the new shampoo and conditioner bottles on the counter in our master bathroom.  

I need to give my daughter kudos for being such a willing and helpful little girl.  She is always so sweet and cheerful when I ask her to do things for me.  Thanks Daisy!

I digress, moments later she runs out to me with a rather wild eyed look on her face and exclaims, "Mom, duh towet paper fewl in duh potty!"

I remembered that I had left a brand new roll (and the last roll) of toilet paper sitting on the bathroom counter and I wondered if that had been too much of an opportunity for her to pass up.  After all toilet paper does go in the potty, so why not drop in an entire roll right?  

I followed her into the bathroom as she waved her hands in the direction of the toilet and had a concerned look on her face.  I felt a twinge of anger welling up in my heart because let's be honest a part of me was jumping to the conclusion that this was intentional and that she would need discipline.  Trying to keep my frustration under control I asked her, "Daisy, how did this happen?  Was this an accident or did you just drop it in?" I recognize that her communication skills are still rather limited when it comes to logic so I had to be extra patient as initially she didn't seem to be able to give me an answer. So, I asked her again more gently and with a kinder expression on my face, 

"Daisy boo, how did the toilet paper get into the potty?" 

Her response gave me a good and unexpected barrel laugh.

With her typical animated gestures and expressions she replied with a big swoop of her hand, "I put duh shampoo on duh cowntur and den duh toiwet paper went WOOOOOOSH off duh counter and into duh potty!"  Let me emphasize that her Woosh was incredibly loud and passionate. :) It was hilarious and perfectly expressed.  Again, well done Daisy!

I pulled the sopping wet roll out of the toilet and after I knelt down next to my toddler and looked into her ever joyful brown eyes.  "Daisy, thank you for telling me the truth and for coming to get me when you needed help."  

As I walked away from that amusing little situation, I praised God that His word gave me the strength to keep from doing something that I would have sorely regretted.  If I had responded immediately in anger as is so often the temptation in moments of parent-child conflict, I would have falsely accused and reprimanded my innocent child (not always innocent of course but, in this instance she was. lol).  Then she would have been hurt (if only emotionally) by my behavior and I would be grieving over my error.

 "My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger." James 1:19 

It is amazing how much peace can be kept in a home simply by adhering to the wisdom in the verse above.  Be quick to listen.  Use your ears first. Give your kids and your spouse a chance to speak before jumping to quick conclusions or false judgements.  Be slow to speak.  Our immediate responses can often be selfish and unkind in the midst of conflict.  Give yourselves time to chew on what you need to say before you say it.  This will help you to filter out the heated words that you might have spoken and instead speak words with more patience and love.  

 Don't get me wrong, I have made plenty of parenting mistakes  (already in 3 short years?...I know right) but, this was one instance that I was keenly aware of the fact that God's word was guarding my heart and as a result, the outcome was a blessing and not a regret.  Instead we enjoyed peace and marvelous laughter.  My favorite.

Is this a verse that you are familiar with and if so does it challenge you in a positive way in your relationships?   
Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I was taking a few portraits of my husband's grandma in our backyard a few weeks back and every now and then Daisy will decide that she wants her picture taken also.  This is a rare treat because for well over a year she has not liked having her picture taken at all and usually I have to take them when she isn't paying attention or while she is enjoying ice cream or something:).  It is in little moments like these that I notice just how much my daughter has grown up.  She will do her best 3 year old poses and cheesy smiles (but, the kind that just melt my heart into a puddle with their cuteness) and I snap away with glee.  I only got four pictures but, I adore them all, in focus or not.  Just some sweet captures of my little girl enjoying the moment. 

Oh and have I mentioned that this little peanut will be attending preschool this Fall?  This will be her first year attending school!!  Three half days a week.  I know it will be great for both of us but, you better believe that I get a little teary eyed just thinking about how fast time flies and how quickly our little ones become more independent and free.  

Daisy you are growing up so fast and I am barely able to keep up!  I love you to pieces sweet girl of mine.  So blessed that I get to be your Mommy.
Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Memories

I love the Summer time for so many reasons (with the exception of the sweltering humidity) but, one of the biggest reasons is that my mom has flown out to visit us just about every year since we have lived here.  Being so far away from most of my family has always been very hard for me and to be honest it has never gotten easier the longer that I live away from them.  This Summer my Dad was able to come out for a little while as well and it was an absolute treat to have them both under our roof!  Daisy is still quite shy around men in general but, she was quickly at ease with my Dad.  He's quiet and laid back.  Daisy enjoyed showing my Dad all of her things and on a couple of occasions I would come out of a room and overhear Daisy talking quietly with my Dad.  She would say such cute and simple little things and my Dad was so good about saying sweet and simple things back.  They just click.  Plus I think my hubby enjoyed having some male conversation and energy around for a change:).  Miss you Dad!  

I have a good two or three posts of instagram and iPhone pictures of our Summer to share.  These posts will probably not be all that interesting to anyone other than me and the people in them but, I am eager to preserve these special memories in blog form:). 

and can I just say how much I love going to church with my family.  Reminds me of the good ol' days when I was younger and we all went together every week only now we have Daisy in the mix which is quite special:)..She looks miserable in the picture below but, I promise it's just that she wasn't in the mood to have her picture taken.
After church Daisy was all about taking pictures with me and my mom (Lulu).  I made my mom take a portrait or two.  I like to do that to her a lot because I love her so much and I like to show her off:).
And then of course we logged lots and lots of pool hours!
And we spent an evening on the lake.  The lake is one of our favorite places to spend time in the Summer.  So peaceful.
And of course my family got to enjoy a good stormy sky or two while they were here. 
The boys watched Avengers in 3D one night...aren't the glasses awesome:).  My Dad's visit came and went so fast.  It was hard to see him go and I felt bad for my Momma because she had to say goodbye for a couple of weeks too.