Sunday, May 30, 2010

Official 8 Week Pictures

Daisy's eye color has yet to reveal itself but, she has the most beautiful almond shaped, and cheerful eyes. I'm thinking her eye color will probably be a hazel color like mine but, we shall see:) (Thank you Lindsey for the headbands and Melissa for the cute outfit:)

Yes, our little girl has gotten quite chunky and healthy and we LOVE her baby rolls and round face:) I would like to add that she is also very long so I have a feeling we are going to have a tall little girl someday!
love her little smirk/smile! It absolutely melts my heart and lights up my day!!
I'm going to try and get better about taking weekly pictures on the right day and posting them better so you can see her weekly growth instead of things all out of order and random. Yah, we'll see about that:)

It's absolutely amazing how much and how fast a baby changes. Daisy's look has changed so much over the past 8 weeks and she is so active, strong, alert and feisty now. It's as if you hate to blink because you worry that you might miss some monumental milestone as they tend to happen that fast! Daisy is grabbing at things all the time now and talking a lot more, though she seems to be a bit more introspective and on the quiet side with her chatter. I'm sure that will only be temporary:). She loves to look at ceiling lights, bright colored things or things with a lot of contrast. I usually lay Daisy on a blanket on the living room floor each morning and she is content to lay there for a good 20 minutes and just stare at things around her. She is such a great baby and I feel so blessed to have such a pleasant first time experience!! Her weakness is that she hates the car seat, because she doesn't like being confined at all so driving or going shopping with Daisy has been a big challenge. It's not that I can't handle Daisy crying it's just that it isn't the most pleasant way to enjoy a shopping trip so I tend to not shop quite as or leisure (the latter probably not such a bad idea:). I'm hoping to post a video soon of Daisy chatting up a storm with me in the morning but, I have yet to film it without her noticing the camera and then zoning out in awe of the big black thing in her face. lol
Friday, May 28, 2010

Survived Week One

Love these shots and the slightly cross eyed looks Daisy is giving me in pictures 1 and 3

She is definitely getting the hang of holding her head up slowly by surely but, as you can tell she isn't quite there yet. She also does not like being put on her tummy at all yet but, I think when she can hold her head up she'll like it more. Keep trying Daisy girl!
Oh my goodness. Dakota is so needy these days that whenever I lay on the floor to play with Daisy, Dakota jumps on my back, crawls down to my butt/leg area and curls up to sleep. She gets very mad at me when I want to stand up and will even nip at my pants occasionally to let me know how she feels. Oh Dakota you silly dog.

Daisy did great with the nanny all week this week except today because her tummy was really upset or she might even be sick as evidenced by her fussiness and her strange potty and gas. Its days like these that I wish I was a stay at home mama because I want to care for my daughter when she isn't feeling well because I know her best. I know what noises are happy and which ones are cries of pain or boredom and I know how to help her feel at ease. Other than that though I am so thankful that I survived my first week as a full time working mom. Boy am I tired though and I'm sure Joey is too because he has been given the night time pacifier shift which at this point requires him to get up a couple times at night or sometimes not at all like last night....drum roll...Daisy slept from 10:30 PM to 6 AM this morning and I only got up to give her the pacifier once at 4 AM!!! Seriously, I was in shock this morning because this is by far the best Daisy has ever slept and I even felt good at 4 AM when I got up because I got such a long chunk of uninterrupted sleep. Thank you Daisy! I'm not expecting this to become the norm just yet but, maybe it will be. I wouldn't mind that at all:).

Hope everyone enjoys their 3 day weekend! Joey is hoping to fish tomorrow and I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with my baby girl after a crazy week. Sunday is church and a going away BBQ for Joey's sister, Jessica, who is moving back to California next week and Monday we are having a group BBQ with the 4 pack families:). I'm going to be taking lots of pictures of all 4 babies so stay tuned for that fun post!!
Wednesday, May 26, 2010

8 Weeks - What a Joy to Be a Parent

Above: This is what being a new mom looks like: no makeup, wearing hubby's flannel because it's easier than wearing my own clothes, exhausted, dying for a cup of coffee but can't get up to make it....BUT loving the priceless moment while my daughter sleeps on my chest far too much to care about anything else. I will never rush these moments!
Can you tell that Daisy was not thrilled to be taking these pictures with me?? lol She has the same bored facial expression in each picture. hahahaha

Daisy is 8 weeks old today!! Yikesabee! And would you believe it...Daisy is becoming a better napper and sleeper these past several days. That could change again of course but, for now it's something to celebrate!! :)

The past several nights, before I lay Daisy down for bed at night I walk around in circles cradling her in my arms and talking to her to help her relax and unwind for bed. Every time she has been wide eyed and alert with no signs of relaxing and I seriously felt like her piercing little eyes were saying, "mom, you haven't said my bedtime prayers with me yet!" No soon as I start praying for Daisy out loud while we walk around together, her eyes start fluttering and getting heavy and before I know it she is totally relaxed and ready to lay down. I love that my little gal already understands "the peace that passes all understanding:)." Thank you Jesus!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love being a mama, Daisy's mama, and how incredibly eye opening and life changing it is to become a parent?? I absolutely love everything about this new journey. It is exhausting and the pay is terrible, but the rewards are priceless and my heart has been awakened to a whole new realm of love that I never knew existed. There is nothing like the love a parent has for their child. If I love my daughter this intensely and yet God says he loves us more than we could ever love each other...can you imagine the depths of God's love for us?? While Joey and I gave Daisy her bath last night we were discussing how much we adore her and that nothing could ever make us love her less even if she breaks our hearts and the same is true about God. We break His heart all the time but, His love for us never changes and He is faithful to stand by us though it all! I still remember when my mom quoted this bible verse to me in January of 2009 at a time when I was really wrestling over whether or not to start expanding our family,

"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate." Psalm 127 3-5

It might not speak to everyone but, God obviously wanted me to get over myself so he could give us Daisy and wow, what a joy and a blessing she is indeed! It's definitely the hardest job on Earth but, by far the most fantastic, worthwhile adventure I could ever go on! Thank you Daisy for being such a wonderful baby and for all your laughs and priceless smiles. You are rocking our world!! xoxo

Monday, May 24, 2010

Back to work for me today:-(

Our good friends Mike and Elissa's boys. Elissa drove down from VA to visit us and see Daisy a couple weeks ago. Top: Austin- 1 years 3 months Below: Logan- 3 years old. We love these boys to pieces!!
Daddy and Daisy enjoying some warm fresh air
My cutie Pie at seven weeks
Cracks me up how she likes her pacifier smashed up in her face while she sleeps:)

So I started back up with my 7:30-4 PM full time shift today. I will confess that last night I had a tiny melt down (in bed by myself). My melt downs tend to consist of a handful of tears once or twice a year and a pitiful, "why me," moan up to the Heavens, which ultimately ends in me completely zonked out and snoring because I am simply overtired! lol I was extremely over tired, I had just finished watching the LOST finale and I was upset that it is over, I was emotional about all the unknowns of working full time and missing my usually quality time with Daisy and I was stressing about how on Earth I am going to juggle being an great mom to my daughter, a great wife to my husband, a diligent full time employee, errand runner, bill payer, meal cooker, solid sleeper etc.?? I think all first time working moms can relate and I know with time the juggling act gets easier but, lets be this point it just plain sucks.

Quick tangent here: I'm typing this as Daisy lays next to me on a pillow and scopes out the living room lights and bright colors. Then out of no where she noticed my gray and black polka dotted shirt and her eyes got huge and zoned in like a fly being lured to a flame. Quite funny to see the entranced look on her face over something as simple as my dotted shirt! lol. Oh, the simple things in life:).

Oh and another tangent: What a awesome hubby I have. He ran out to the store really quick tonight and knowing that I had a rough day, brought me home Skittles (my obsession lately), Coke (my other obsession that I am not proud of) and Sour Patch Kids. Does my guy know how to take care of his woman or what! Way to go hubs:-)

Anyways back to my other thoughts: It has been such a challenge to get Daisy to fall to sleep at night over the past 7 weeks (and to stay asleep for more than 3 hour stretches). It can take a good 30-60 minutes after laying Daisy down, even if she is exhausted to actually fall asleep at night. I go in and out of her room a few times and give her the pacifier back as needed and eventually she falls asleep. I was putting Daisy down around 10:30-11 at night since she slept so little to try and stretch her to a decent morning hour like 5 or 6 but, then we were up until close to midnight waiting for her to fall asleep. Sooooo...I decided to try a new method....well, to try my old method again and last night it worked great. I seem to say that a lot on this blog and then I jinx myself so now I'm nervous...hmmmm...What will be will be right:). Anyhoo, I have begun swaddling her with the velcro blanket again and that keeps her hands tucked away so she can't swat her pacifier out of her mouth at night or wake herself up by scratching her face. Last night we put her down a little after 9:30 and she woke up at all of her usual times but, when Joey got up and gave her the pacifier back she went right back to sleep all the way until 4:40 AM!! I was sooooo thrilled and actually felt a tad rested when I woke up which I haven't felt in 12 months. lol. So, we are trying this method out for a while to see how it goes. Wish us luck. Oh, and Daisy is now sleeping in her own crib at night! What a big girl!! The first night I was super emotional and sad that my baby would never be tiny and sleeping near my in our room again but, by night two I was over it and glad that I didn't have to tiptoe around my room all night. I think she is getting used to the crib and sleeping better even, though the first couple of nights were rough as she adjusted. So yeah. That's the latest sleep talk.

Nanny Nikki did awesome with Daisy today! Daisy was all messed up schedule wise due to her new longer night of sleep so she was a tad fussy but, Nikki handled her like a champ and Daisy never even had a melt down. Yeah! Daisy really seems to gravitate towards soft female voices and gentle touch. Nikki is calm, patient, soft spoken and gentle and as a result Daisy didn't even seem to know that I was gone from the sound of it:).
Sunday, May 23, 2010

Daisy says "Mama" and more.....:)

Tub Time

Daisy was smiling up a storm at Daddy during most of her bath. She loves her Daddy!
Just chilling:)

Daisy made one short cry when we set her in her tub for the first time but, as soon as she figured out that she was in a warm, cozy place she got quiet and happy and had a great time. These pictures are actually a few weeks behind. Daisy was about 6 weeks old give or take here and this was her first tub bath. My mom helped us out and we all had a great time:).
Saturday, May 22, 2010

Random Ones For Fun

Gotta love these faces:) Daisy has so many expressions and they all crack us up!
My feisty girl! -This Gap outfit is one of may all time faves on Daisy. Not sure why but, I just love it and it was given to her by my neighbor's sister. Thank you so much!
She loves staring intensely at me. It's so cute! And to be honest I love staring intensely at her. She is sooooo fun to observe and watch for hours on end:)
I took these pictures specifically to show that JOey and Daisy are you see the resemblance too???

She loves listening to her daddy talk. She is definitely going to be a Daddy's girl!
Great Grandpa Bailey and Daisy just hanging out.

Great Grandma Bailey and Daisy hanging out in one of Daisy's favorite places:)
I still have so many more pictures to catch up on and post. I think I will be saying that forever though so oh well, I guess it is what it is:). Daisy will be 8 weeks old in just 4 days! Crazy that my little pumpkin is already two months old!! I seriously cannot believe how fast time flies with a little baby. I can't get enough of Daisy. I love everything that she does even if it is fussing. She toots a lot and it cracks us up to no end because it can be so loud and so un-lady like. Last Sunday in church Daisy tooted quite loud and I think some people around us thought that Joey or myself had let one go. Oh my. lol. I have picked up on the fact that Daisy is quite content to just lay on a blanket on the living room floor and just stare at various things such as the ceiling lights, the entertainment center or her play mat from a distance. She can keep herself busy for a good 20 minutes and just talk to herself. It's amazing actually. Joey and I are also becoming more and more aware that Daisy really doesn't like being held much at all unless it is up on the shoulder so she can look over and check things out. She seems to hate being confined to the crook of someone's arm as it restricts her ability to see things which causes her to get fussy quite quickly. It's kind of a bummer that my munchkin is not a cuddle bug but, when she is tired that is when we get those precious cuddle moments and I have to really savor them then! Truthfully, now that I've learned what Daisy likes and doesn't like (which will of course change constantly) she is so much happier and more content. She is a great baby and smiles SO much which melts our hearts!

I have been working on a 3 hour eat, play, sleep (with flexibility of course) schedule with Daisy during the day and it seems to be going great. I have finally learned to read when Daisy is starting to get tired and then I get her in nap mode right away before she gets too far past that point which causes her to get fussy and to fight sleep. Yeah for progress!! Nighttime is still not so great so yah..we win some and lose some I guess:). Oh, and I have napped Daisy in her actual crib a few times over the past couple of days (it hasn't gone well) and tonight we are going to try and have Daisy sleep in her crib and see how that goes. So far she wakes up a ton so I'm not anticipating it to be a great night but, I could be wrong. Oh how I would love to be wrong, but as I type this it is 11PM at night and Daisy is fussing in her crib as we speak. Not a good sign. Joey and I are both just so tired of having to be so quiet in our room in order for Daisy to stay asleep but, on the other hand, I will now dread having to get up 2-4 times a night to walk across the house to give Daisy her pacifier back and help her fall back to sleep. Oye. This kid is amazing overall but, sleep time is not a fun experience with Daisy.

I have more I wanted to share but, this was plenty long winded enough so I'll save it for another post. Night. I'm exhausted!
Friday, May 21, 2010

Four Pack Minus One

Me and Daisy got together with Lindsay H. and her daughter Lila (middle) and Lindsey D. and her son Sam yesterday and thankfully before we left we remembered to take a quick picture of our kiddos together on the couch. It was pretty comical because they had all just woken up from napping while we had been walking so they were all kinda groggy. Daisy was really hot and sweaty and red faced and each of babies started sliding and falling over onto each other but, we managed to snap a few cute pics before the scene unraveled:). hahaha. I wish Jennifer and her daughter Raelyn had also been able to join us so we could get all 4 of the babies together but, I think we are going to try and do a photo shoot soon so stay tuned:). Each of the kids have so much personality and their own voices, languages and features that are so unique. It's such a blast to have these other moms and their babies to get together with. Daisy already has 3 best buds and she doesn't even know it yet! lol. Daisy is also the only baby who doesn't have blue eyes. We still don't know what color her eyes will be but, we are guessing brown or hazel. They are still looking pretty dark and gray. We shall see:). Love this picture though!
Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Daisy's Room

Isn't Daisy's yawn in this picture priceless! Couldn't have been a more perfect moment:) Oh, and can I just add that I love the pink and green stars piggy bank that my mom's friend gave to Daisy. It's sooooo adorable!!!
Sorry that this one is so dark but, you get the idea:) Could the room BE any girlier?? lol
Finally got her letters up on the wall and I think that they add the perfect final touch.

I had been meaning to post a full picture overview of Daisy's room for quite some time now and kept forgetting or wanting to wait to get everything done before getting pictures uploaded. Well, we finally hung the letters of Daisy's name on the wall over her crib just last week so now I feel like it is completely done and it feels great to be able to say that. This was a budget nursery and it was so fun to keep it that way. The glider and dresser were off of Craigslist, a lot of the other things were given to us (thanks everyone!) the bedding was a clearance set, and I bought the cheapest crib I could find. I think the paint is what really makes this room pop and I have Joey and his family to thank for that:). I honestly don't think pictures do this little room justice at all because it is so charming and soothing in person. Everyone's face lights up when they walk into Daisy's room because it is so cute and babyish:). It's like getting a hug. lol. Daisy actually hasn't slept in her crib yet because she is still getting up too much at night for me to want to walk that far across our house but, I am actually really looking forward to the day that she sleeps a bit longer and she can enjoy her own room. I'm guessing it won't be too much longer. She does enjoy laying in her crib for about 15-20 minutes watching her mobile spin around or staring at the bright print on her bumper while cozied up in a blanket. It's so cute to watch her talk to the crib bumper like it's an old friend:).

We Are Blessed

Not in a bragging sort of way but, in a humble, awe struck, "God you are so holy and we are so not," way, we are Blessed! Today has been a day of reflection for me for various reasons. For starters I had an interview with a gal today that I hope will be our nanny. I found her on Craigslist when all personal leads fell through and for the record I was not thrilled about using a site like Craigslist to hire a nanny but, I really had no other choice. With less than a week before I have to go back to work I was starting to feel the pressure of still not having a nanny lined up. This gal left just a bit ago and was sweet, professional and left great references. I have called all of them and one just called me back with a glowing report of this gal. She is a Christian and goes to church locally and I felt so much peace when I heard that even though it was by no means necessary or a requirement. I just love how God knows what our hearts desire and I love how he blesses us in unexpected ways and often in ways we don't even deserve. I prayed with my mom on the phone this morning before the interview and we lifted everything up to the Lord and asked that he would make it clear if this was the right gal for the job or not and now I'm quite sure that she is and not only that but, that God has brought her into our lives for a reason. I pray that we can be a blessing in her life as much as she will hopefully be in ours.

Secondly, as I stare at my daughter who is sleeping in her swing...(she has been fighting naps like crazy for a good week now and is wearing herself and us ragged poor thing), I am reminded how faithful God has been to provide for and meet our needs as we have transitioned from a two person family with two solid incomes to a three person family with a strapped income due to childcare etc. When we got pregnant we did so in faith knowing that there is never a right time to start a family and it always takes a good deal of courage to face the unknown. Our sweet Daisy has been SO blessed and as a result she has all that she needs. Neighbors, family, friends, church folks, strangers, co-workers, etc. have all been so generous and though I said it before on this blog, THANK YOU ALL!!! Through all of you God has met our needs so that we can enjoy our time with our daughter without the weight of worry or fear. I am incredibly grateful and humbled by the love that we have been shown. Another praise report: As a lot of you know I didn't get paid maternity leave so we had to save fast and hard to cover ourselves while I was off the past 8 weeks but, I was never able to save enough...BUT, somehow that money has stretched in miraculous ways and I am not exaggerating here. It's through things like this that God gently reminds me that I am not in control and that He can do a much better job steering my life! I'm not saying things are always easy or that we have a cake walk life but, when I sit and really think about all the little things and how the pieces come together so beautifully all I can do is say, "Wow, what a great and mighty God we serve!" He is so real, so faithful, so loving, so awesome!!

"Do not be anxious about anything, but instead, pray about everything . Tell God what you need and thank him for all that He has done." Philippians 4:6

This verse has always been such a comfort and a great reminder to me:-) Thanks for listening to my little ramble today. I pray that you see and feel the Lord's hand guiding, protecting, and caring for you each and every day! He is the real deal.
Monday, May 17, 2010

How To Enlarge Your Blog Pictures

Four generations on mother's day. Great Grandma Bev and Great Granddad Bud, Grandma Cindy, Daddy Joe and baby Daisy. Wow!
We planted a few more plants just last week. The planter looks much fuller and prettier now all thanks to Joey who worked tirelessly to get it all done. See Daisy on the porch??:) She hung out there for about 20 minutes while we both did yard work and she was such a champ!
This picture is blurry but, it was too cute not to share. On mother's day Daisy was laying on her play mat and surrounding her was her auntie Jess, Grandma Cindy, Great Grandma Bev and Great Aunt Kathy. So cute!!

How To Enlarge your Pictures

I have had some people ask me how I get my pictures to be the size that they are and since it is so easy I thought I would share with you how.

Once you have uploaded your pictures to your new post click on the Edit HTML tab below and to the right of your title box. This tab will bring up the code for each of your pictures and wherever you see width: 400px; height: 300px;" (your numbers may be different depending on the size of the picture you uploaded), double your picture's height number and width number. Last thing you have to do is look for this /s400 towards the end of each picture code and change the number from 400 to 800. It always has an s in front of it which makes it easy to locate. So, that's it. Double the height, width and s400 number and you will have nice big pictures to look at on your blog. It is a bit tedious to be honest so if anyone knows of a faster or easier way, share with me purdee please:). Also, I think you need to have a wide layout format for the pictures to fit in your blog properly. Then just click back on the compose tab and you are ready to go!

Good luck!!
Sunday, May 16, 2010

Can't Think of a Title

When all a baby can do is lay flat on their back it can be challenging to find different poses to put them in hence why quite a few of these look identical except for an outfit change. lol. Soon enough Daisy will be able to sit up and then the variety begins!

I just squeezed in a little nap while Daisy napped in her swing...finally. Thank God for naps, amen! The past couple of days I have been so zonked so it was such a treat to get a little recharge in to hold me over for a while.

I go back to work in just one short week! Boo Hoo. I had avoided talking about work during most of my maternity leave because I didn't want to spoil my time home with Daisy but, the past couple of weeks I have been searching diligently for a nanny for Daisy so I've had no choice but to face the music of my impending job return. I should add that I am incredibly grateful for my job and blessed to be able to work out of my home. Most moms would kill for a job like mine but, nonetheless it is still a job and I do have to work so I can't piddle around with my baby all day long which is what I would much rather do. Who could blame me...she's sooooo CUTE!! Say a prayer for me that I am able to find someone to watch Daisy that is responsible, safe, clean, trustworthy etc. I have had some leads but, then they fall through the cracks for some reason and the clock is really ticking now. Hoping for the best in Jesus name!