Saturday, June 30, 2012

Potty Training Time

This is what we are doing this weekend (see pictures below). We officially started potty training (more or less) yesterday when the two potty items arrived on the doorstep. I ordered a bjorn toilet seat converter and a bjorn toddler potty for when we travel or need a potty outside etc. I wanted to keep things simple and as easy as possible. Daisy has gone potty on the big potty a handful of times in the past 8 months and I'm sure I could have trained her easily by now but, I was holding off for two reasons. One I had my trip to California and I didn't want to travel with a semi-potty trained child as if traveling isn't stressful enough with a toddler.  Two: I wanted to wait until she was so ripe that she would just take to potty training like a fish takes to water. I'm all about taking things slowly and not rushing things, hence why I still haven't tackled the big girl bed or weaning Daisy off of her pacifier even though I'm sure she would adapt to those things quickly also. Those two things I plan to tackle in the next year or so. 

Within an hour of setting the toddler potty on the floor Daisy had used it effortlessly.  I let her run around nakie from the waist down and that seems to really help her to realize that she needs to go sit down when she needs to go, since there isn't a pullup or diaper on to catch anything. lol  I rewarded her potty with a couple of chewy sweet tarts and applause.  She was so proud!  Later in the evening she went again in her toddler potty, in the back of our car at Wal-Mart. lol That was a surprise to us all!  I am so glad I took the potty with me so that she would have it when she needed it.  She has already gone twice today; once in her toddler potty and once on the big potty.  No success with #2 yet and I hear that it can take the most time for them to get comfortable with that.  Time will tell.   I am so proud of you Daisy!! You have been doing so well for your first 2 days of potty training!! You are such a smart little girl!

I know everyone has very different opinions about how to potty train a child and I completely respect that and appreciate the suggestions that I've been given.  My style is what's best for you and your child and tune out the advice that doesn't help you.  If anyone has a forceful or judgmental opinion, then perhaps they need to address why they care so much about how other people do things when it doesn't really matter in the's their problem not yours.   

Daisy is so excited about her big girl princess and my little pony panties.  She picked them out. lol.  It feels so weird to be moving on from diapers.  It's another chapter closing in the book of baby Daisy and a new chapter starting in toddler Daisy.  Sigh. Love my little princess! 

Oh and FYI the pink basket is a temporary stool and though it is working just fine, our step stool is arriving on Monday.  Oh and it is 107 degrees here today.  Combine the heat with our high humidity and I think we would die if we played outside so it's a pretty good excuse to be cooped up inside all weekend for potty training.  lol


  1. Potty training, looks like you have it under control!

    I have the funniest story...when I was training my 2nd one he was in LOVE with 'Bob the Builder' so I got 'Bob the Builder' undies for him. He LOVES it!

    I remember going down the road with him and turned around to look at him in the back seat and could see the look in his eye, he was feeling relaxed and wanted to pee. I looked at him with big eyes and said, "DON'T PEE ON BOB, DON'T PEE ON BOB!!!!"

    'Bob the Builder' helped me train my kid because he held it and never did pee on Bob. Still makes me laugh today.

    Have fun!

  2. Go Daisy!!! What a smartie pants!
    I totally agree with doing things at the time it's right for you and your kid, every child is different and it's awesome if parents realize that!
    You are such an amazing mom casey! xoxo

  3. We are starting potty training this week and Im right there with you on the waiting-a trip and wanting to wait until she was fully ready! Good luck Daisy it sounds like #1 is going well.

  4. Love that last shot! I can't believe my little one is going to have underwear at some point! My plan is to start potty training at the end of the Summer once we've gotten all of the vacations out of our system ;o)

  5. Congratulations, Daisy!!! And good for you for the way you choose to deal with everyone's advice...good intended or not! I was the same exact way but I wasn't always nice when I rejected the advice of others! =/ Stay cool and good luck!!!!

  6. Sounds like Daisy is doing a great job! And sounds like momma is on a great game plan. I have to use your theory, stop listening to the negative people about potty training.

    Good luck to you all with the potty training but it seems like she is doing great!!!!!

  7. Hope the training goes well. From the sounds of it things are already off to a great start. We didn't rush into it with either of our two daughters. When it was time they let us know. I didn't really listen to all the advise that people were throwing at us. Way to go Daisy!! Talk to you soon.

  8. WoW! KLV did not have as easy of a time as Daisy! Way to go - definitely a team work thing. Happy 4th

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