Sunday, December 6, 2015

Our Sweet Boy is ONE!

Our little guy is one!

 I'm still processing it all to be honest.  I think the first year with a child is such a whirlwind of adjusting, sleepless nights, learning, juggling, bonding, diaper changes, spit up, blow outs, nursing, melt downs (Mommy;), exhaustion, teething, doctor appointments, cuddles and so can barely blink and it's gone!

Bruin has already been taking steps for over a month.  Full blown walking is on it's way any day now.  We are about to embark on another wild year of adventures and discoveries!

He had 11 teeth on his first birthday.  ELEVEN.  Heaven help me I hope this next year is a little easier. He is a little over a week away from being 13 months old and he currently has 12 teeth and is cutting 2 incisors!  Holy cow.

Bruin has been such a fun and also a very noisy addition to our family.  He keeps us going from the moment he rises until he lays his sweet little head down to sleep.  He loves to be held most of the day and he loves to eat.  I would say those are probably his two favorite things at this point.  He also loves to see new things, places and people.  He loves to grunt and make lots of silly faces and sounds.  He gives the best kisses, cuddles and giggles but, only on his terms and only when he feels like it.  He also loves to sleep though he has never been great at taking long naps but, he sure needs them (30 minutes and all!).  Bruin adores his big sister in his own way and he tries to follow her everywhere.  He is constantly screaming for her to give him whatever she has and he gets so made if she doesn't.  He will clench his fists, under bite his jaw and turn bright red while he screams.  He is intense...that is putting it lightly. lol.  He says "da da" or "daaahhdeeey" so sweetly every time he sees his Daddy and he screams "Muh Muh," whenever he wants to eat or be held by me.  lol  He says "duh" (duck) every time he sees a duck in the bath or in his animal books. He also says Day for Daisy and Huh for hi:).  For some reason the name duck has been the easiest for him to pick up on.

He is standing up on his own without pulling up on anything!  That impressed all of us because Daisy didn't do that for a really long time and I think she was even walking well before she got the hang of standing up without pulling up on something.   Bruin figured it out about a week after turning one.  He just kept trying to stand up in the middle of the room over and over and over again until he finally got it and then he wouldn't stop doing it.  He has been standing up like this ever since but, the scary thing for me is that he still teeters a ton and face plants often.  I hate watching him tip forward toward the floor, face first, with a pacifier in his I feel like I have to follow him everywhere to keep him from busting his lips open every day.  It's that uber exhausting..."try to keep your kid from seriously injuring themselves every second of the day" phase of parenting.  I'm whipped....At 13 months he is full blown walking..toddling really but, still he doesn't want to crawl at all anymore.  He is SO determined!

My son fell asleep in my arms while I was nursing him tonight. That has probably only happened all of 3 times this year so you can imagine how much I cherish these moments when they happen.  I try all day to keep this little guy happy and it's not an easy task but, the fact that he feels safe, comfortable and secure in my arms, enough to finally let his wild energy go and fall asleep with me makes it all right in the world again.  As I held him in my arms I gazed at his sweet eyelashes and his freshly washed bath hair.  I began to pray that God would help me to become the Mommy that I need to be to bring out the best in him.  I have quickly learned that my children are completely different (of course) and that as a result I may need to adapt my parenting and love languages to meet each of them where they are at...or at least try.  I need God to show me how to do this because I know it won't be easy!

This was when he started going bald and we called it the "old man," stage. lol.   We were doing some serious teething at this point and this was also about the time when things became super challenging just about every day with our little guy. Bruin has been such a tough baby in so many ways.  He has cried so many days despite every effort in my strength to cheer him up and the days often are weeks.  I feel like we have probably had about 90% fussy, irritable days and 10% cheerful over the past year.  I feel bad saying that but, I also want to document what it has really been like so that I can hopefully look back and praise God when this season passes. Or maybe Bruin will have a tough baby someday and he can reflect on this and understand better where that passion came from (hehe).  I am a sensitive momma and when my babies cry endlessly it breaks my heart and my spirit unfortunately.  I went through a few month phase where I felt like he didn't even like me.  I was always able to soothe Daisy and cheer her up when she was an infant.  With Bruin I have tried so hard to adapt to his personality and to "figure him out," but, he is just much more fiery and much harder to console.  I have been trying to figure out how to come to terms with this because it doesn't make it any easier to handle all the days of endless fussing.  On the other hand I have to give my poor guy some credit because he currently has 12 teeth fully in and is currently cutting at least 3?  His teething has been non-stop, brutal and I can only imagine how irritating that has been for him.  He has had quite a few low grade fevers and quite a few earaches as well due to teething so I guess he probably has a few reasons to be fussy.  That is why I am praying that once he gets through this rough teething phase that he might cheer up a bit!  In Jesus name I pray.  Fussy or not, his sweet smiles, bright eyes, chubby cheeks, arms and pouty lips have captured my heart since day one.  He may be tough but, goodness I love him to itty bitty pieces.   I knew I didn't get around to snapping of shot of him each month...just couldn't remember which month it was until now...guess I wasn't feeling so hot on month five! hahaha Soooo, on to month six! I enjoyed snapping these shots of Bruin with his half birthday hat on:).  I love this picture:).  The birthday hat was a last minute idea to capture the "half birthday," and I'm glad I did it.  I see this picture popping up on our slideshows in years to come.  I was planning to take Bruin's monthly picture in this IKEA chair in his room but, by month six I realized that there was no way in heck he was going to stand for the patient chair pictures any longer.  So I started moving the pictures outside as often as I could after this.  But the chair shots were cute while they lasted:).  And a sidenote:  I LOVE having this IKEA chair in Bruin's room.  I got a glider rocker for Daisy and though I enjoyed the rocking motion it didn't recline much and I always felt like I was sitting up to upright.  This chair has a slight lean in the back and I just like the simplicity of it.  The arms aren't padded so a nursing pillow helped in the early months but, now I just rest my elbow on the arm rest and it's fine.   yah, forget about it... see those teefers...poor miserable boo boo bear. they were taking FOREVER to come in...probably about 3 months at least. Finally they came through but, then the next 10 came in so it's been pretty much non-stop!  Sorry buddy you didn't get that gene from your momma!  lol this was a fun session. Bruin was able to sit up while propped up against something and he just looked like such a big boy in his outfit. Plus he was really starting to give us so many facial expressions by seven months and his hair was really starting to come back in:).  It has been so fuzzy and all over the different than Daisy's hair.    I have a few of these pictures on the wall in our home. Love this little boy to pieces.   The outfit was given to us by a friend and it was one that I couldn't wait for him to wear:).  You have great taste Chaissons:).  and then there was 8 months:) I tried snapping some pictures outside but, the lighting was horrible so I brought Bruin inside and sat him in  entry way. Well, he wasn't much of a sit still kiddo anymore at this point...but, I managed to snap a few and kept him from smacking his face on the hardwood floors.  Mission Accomplished.  He was also teething four additional teeth at this point.  They just kept coming in SO FAST!! 

Nine months!! I didn't think I took pics this month but, I just found these in a folder that wasn't labeled...way to be unorganized mom...gotta work on that...maybe when the kids grow up I'll have time for organization! 

I digress, Bruin loved having his teddy bear around and he seemed to really enjoy being outside, playing with the leaves and sitting in the sunshine while we all hooted and cheered for him to smile.  He is becoming just as much of a ham as his sister:).   You will notice that he was happy as a clam until big sister put her arm around him...He has never been a fan of people squeezing him and especially not a fan of sister trying to put an arm around him.  Not sure why but, he goes downhill from there...and so did big sis. LOL  It was pretty funny though if I do say so and we quickly swooped them both up and took a walk to make it all better again.  hehehe.  sibling love.

Ten months!  It was October so a pumpkin seemed fitting! Plus the pumpkin really helped to keep Bruin in one place long enough to snap a few pictures before he tried to crawl away.  I really do love the stage of the "sitting baby."  It doesn't last nearly long enough though! lol.  At this point Bruin was crawling all over the place and was getting into everything.  Forget about all the awesome toys laying around.  All he wants is to get into our pantry, freezer, bathroom toilets, trash can or anything else messy or gross.  Also, he was standing up on everything and falling just as often.  We tried to watch him like a hawk because we really didn't want him splitting his noggin' open on one of our cabinet corners or other sharp cornered object.  It was a bit tiresome to keep him safe but, it's what you do for these little loves!  I do so love soaking up life through the eyes of a little one again.  Everything is new and exciting for them and it reminds me to see things in a new light again myself.  Sometimes we need the powerful reminder to appreciate the little things a bit more.  Thanks buddy for teaching your Momma!

then I remembered that dang monthly sticker....hurry put it on and let's snap a few more before he notices and rips it off:). Hand him a leaf! Hand him a pine needle! Jump around like a monkey:). oh how I love when he gets this giant happy grin on his face. I can't help but, talk in that high pitched baby voice and squeal with delight when I see it:). "Oh wittle baby boy I wuv you soooo much. You are so so cute wittle bubbus!  Do you know how much your mama wuvs you buddy? So so so so much!" 
And then there was 11 months...probably my most favorite of all the monthly picture sessions...just loved his expressions, his outfit and it was such a lovely day outside.  I felt like this session sums up his personality quite well:).

Bruin's 12 month session was an

I was so busy with his birthday party planning, Christmas shopping and oh gee, just life in general that I just didn't have time to get around to it.  I even had a really cute idea up my sleeve but, oh well...
 I know that some of you may think it's silly to be upset about such a thing but, after having done so many previous months I should have pushed myself to finish up the year with a bang.  Regret...but, hopefully this will be something that I will regret very little at the end of my life...I realize it is a drop in the bigger picture. lol

I did however do a cake smash session with Bruin and it was so much fun!  I will share those pictures hopefully soon...I never got around to doing a cake smash with Daisy so I was pretty proud of myself for tackling it with Bruin.  As always, motherhood and life in general is all about giving ourselves lots of grace.  So, I guess I will work on that some more!  We win some we lose some.

A quick stat update:

I am still nursing Bruin at this point.  I have also been adding some whole milk into his daily diet but, he hasn't taken to it nearly as well as Daisy did.  He sips a little bit but, mostly holds out for his next nursing session.  I was really hoping to be close to done by now but, Bruin is calling very different shots.  I am curious to see how this will go down.

Bruin wears size 12 months mostly and sometimes 12-18 months in shirts and jammies.  He wears size 4 diapers ( I just started buying the Target brand because they are great after year 1 and so much cheaper!) and about a size 4 shoe but, he hasn't worn shoes..just the mocs that I got him from a company I follow on facebook called Simple Addiction (awesome name  They basically look like the super expensive Freshly picked mocs only they cost $12 so I couldn't pass them up.  I have absolutely loved them.  If I ever have another kiddo I will buy them again for sure.

Bruin goes to bed at 7 pretty punctually every night and wakes up around 6ish.  Usually I can stretch him to 6:45 or 7 but, he fusses a bit more often than not.  Whenever I am about to go into his room and get him I talk into the monitor and say, "I'm coming buddy.  I'll be right there."  I might take another five minutes to get to him but, he always calms down and snuggles in his blankets while he waits.  I never make him wait long after saying that and I love that he seems to understand that I am coming.
He naps around 9 or 9:30 and sleeps for maybe 40 minutes to an hour usually and then again naps in the afternoon around 1 or 1:30 for another hour.  He has never been the longest napper but, sometimes he surprises me and takes a longer nap...once ever few weeks.

Bruin does not like being home.  When we are home all he wants to do is cry or be held.  SO I HOLD HIM A LOT.  My back and arms are burning all the time but, if it makes him happy it is worth it to me.  I also go out almost every single day just to help break up the day.  His fussing can drive me batty but, when we go out he often does so much better...up to a certain point.  I always try to time our outings so that I can get back home for his naps because it makes such a difference with his moods.

He eats just about whatever we eat, just in smaller pieces of course.  He has had steak, chicken, sushi, etc.  He loves almost everything.  He seems to resist carrots...throws them on the floor every time.  Not sure that I can blame him.  I'm not a big fan myself.  And peaches are hit and miss.  He does choke on occasion because he stuff too much food in his mouth and doesn't chew before trying to swallow so I never leave him unattended when he is eating in case I need to stick a finger in his mouth and swoop something out.  He does really well overall though.

Bruin loves stuffed animals.  We got him a giant teddy bear for Christmas and it sits in a chair in his room.  He cuddles "teddy," kisses, and waves hi to him all day long.  It is the cutest thing ever.  He has about 6 stuffed animals and he waves hi to all of them.  I adore his little wave...hopefully I can get it on video before he moves on.

Bruin likes baths but, only if I give them to him.  He cries when Daddy gives him a bath.  Sorry Daddy.  I have to keep his baths really short and I've learned how to get through the hair washing part which really bothers him.

He is a major, major momma's boy.  I am sure this is simply because I am with him all day long and I nurse him.  Daisy was the same way for quite some time but, she has since become so much more of a Daddy's girl.  Bruin cries a lot with Daddy if I leave him with him for too long and he tries to find me in the house if I am not in the room.  This phase makes things a bit harder for all of us but, we are all trying to make the most of it.  I realize it is a super short season.  And I have to give my hubby props for not getting upset about it.  He handles it like a champ really.

Bruin tolerates the car but, only for super short drives.  After that it's lots of screaming.  I look forward to when he will watch a show in the car with big sis and we will get a tiny piece of silence:). YESSSS!

He is currently still in his infant car seat but, not for much longer.  His transitional car seat should arrive any day now. So by 13 months he will be moving on up.  Big boy!

He is walking a ton right now...not consistently but, a ton...more steps than crawling.  He is so proud of himself when he does it too.  MELTS ME!!

I could never kiss his face or cheeks, or the crook of his neck, or his shoulders or his hands or his feet enough.  I'm one of the few people who he tolerates that from so I feel pretty lucky:).

So have I learned anything new after a year with this adorable little boy?

Sure, lots of things!

Boys are much rougher than girls...his idea of playing is usually decking me in the face and then laughing.

Bruin loves Daisy but, he isn't very sweet with her.  He will occasionally give her kisses when she asks him for them and he loves to give high fives but, that is where it stops.  Daisy is very affectionate with him...lots of kisses and hugs that he does not want.  He lets her know that he wants space by screaming at her and then  hitting her in the face.  His face is also quite expressive.  He doesn't hit her and laugh, he hits her and then looks at her with a shrewd expression that means business.  He's definitely not the nurturer in the family. lol.

Good times.

Private parts are not all that private when you are a boy (and it's hilarious)....TMI?  sorry...TMI is just how I roll.

I can never feed this kid ENOUGH.  He eats ALL day LONG.  And I am quite sure that it will never end because I'm married to a fella just like him.

Boys are SO SO CUTE.  I love dressing him and I love having more boy toys around the house.  It has  been so fun!

Life with two kids has been dramatically harder for me to adjust to than life with one kiddo..but,...big, big but, it has truly been worth it all of course.  Daisy has completely changed as a result of having a sibling and seeing her grow up as much as she has this past year has been incredible.  I have literally watched her bloom into a much more independent lady's hurt my heart a bit to see how quickly the change took place but, it's also a very sweet thing at the same time.  You get me right?

I've learned that life with four is far more entertaining and adventurous than I ever could have imagined in the best way possible.

My son is NON-STOP.  He has helped me lose all of my pregnancy gym membership required.  He kicks my hiney better than any zumba or yoga class ever could.  LOL.

Even though the days are so so long sometimes, the years fly by.  My greatest desire with my kiddos is to be as present as possible.  Tomorrow is never promised but, today while I am here I hope to love on the ones I love as fully as I can.

So thankful that God has given me two precious kiddos to raise and love on.  What a gift children are!

Happy First Birthday my sweet little boy!  Your Momma loves everything about you and I can't wait to see what God has in store for you in the years to come.