Friday, November 30, 2012

Life As Of Late

The darling picture above was taken by my friend, Emily Camp Photography

Life is quite busy these days, as I'm sure it is for most families.  The holiday season is in full swing and I am hustling around getting Christmas presents from this store and that, decorating our home to my delight and trying to keep my hyper toddler busy with lots of play dates through it all.  The hubby has been putting up lights and running lots of errands with me.  The weather has gotten a bit chillier so we are spending less time outside and more time inside which is not my favorite with a 2 year old. lol.  We've been playing lots of lovely Christmas carols and filling the house with the aroma of fragrant holiday current favorite being apple spice:).  I'm missing my Gram especially during this holiday season and continually working through my emotions since her passing.  I still can't believe that I can't pick up the phone and chat with her when I want/need to or that I won't get a phone call from her on my birthday singing me happy birthday in her awful singing voice (sorry Gram but, you know it was right?:).  I miss her so much...but, somehow life moves on as it always does.
So, what have we been up to lately? Well, we continue to work through potty training with Daisy. She has gotten so much better but, we still have occasional accidents, so I have actually kept her in pull ups, because it is so much less stressful for me and less mess to clean up. For the record we tried wearing big girl panties and it did not improve the potty situation so we know that pull ups are not the issue.  She currently has a cold and it seems that with every cold or flu comes a potty training set back. I have no idea why but, it has been that way every time.  Daisy is very smart and I know she could be completely potty trained by now but, whenever we are in a store or in someones home she gets nervous and doesn't like to tell me or anyone for that matter that she needs to go and that is when we have accidents.  She does great when we are at home for the most part unless she is having to much fun playing and forgets to go in time.  Oh my. Potty training is a very long term effort for us that's for sure.  I still have the toddler potty out for her (I realize this is very bizarre to some people...sorry but, if anything makes my life simpler I am all for it!) for the time being though she uses it much less these days.  The toddler potty has been great.  I have no complaints.
 We are in the process of transitioning Daisy into a big girl bed!  I realize that I have done this process much slower than a lot of people but, Daisy has always been so content in her crib and has never attempted to climb out so I savored her confinement as long as I possibly could. hehe  I think she would be content to stay in her crib until she was 18 but, the fact is that she is outgrowing it and I want to give her the right of passage that she deserves. So, Daddy set up the big girl bed last night.  It was a craigslist purchase and looked so cute online...setting it up at home has been a drag.  Long story short we got jipped and the bed is kind of flimsy as a result but, it will do for now.  I still need to get a box spring, a bed rail and a mattress protector so Daisy hasn't actually slept in it yet but, hopefully one night in the next few days.  For now she gets to adjust to the big girl bed being in her room and I can tell she likes it but, that she is also not crazy about it...almost as if it is weirding her out a little.  She seemed almost relieved to sleep in her crib again last night. HAHA.  My girl is so silly.  I'm planning to do a very simple room update with her decor.  I'll admit I was actually sad last night as my hubby was setting up her bed.  I stared at the crib and leaned on it and felt a sadness that the baby chapter is rapidly coming to a close.  I told my husband that I wanted her to sleep in her crib another night so that I could say goodbye to that season so to speak.  I always like to make sure that I get healthy closure before making a change.  For whatever reason this process has always helped me to have less sadness and regret looking back on things.  That's just how I am.   
 I have been really busy with my photography over the past couple of months. Just wrapped up a couple of family sessions, a maternity session and shot a lovely night wedding in November.  I'll be editing for a while to say the least but, I have been really enjoying this creative outlet.  So thankful for photography.  Though it hasn't been an easy thing to pursue it has kept me distracted and given me a satisfying sense of accomplishment in the midst of a life of mom-ness...if that makes sense.  It has also provided for our family in little ways and that has been such a God blessing!  I never would have dreamed that I would shoot a wedding, let alone do it on my own and I can truly say that I love it.  It is the most amazing feeling to be a part of such a special day in two people's lives and to have the honor of capturing the love and joy of their celebration.  I don't see myself shooting many weddings as a mom with young children, because they are a lot of work (both the weddings and the children! lol) but, one every now and then is a huge treat!  I love looking through all the pictures that I take after a session or event is over and smiling and laughing as I remember the moments that I have captured.  I feel the love when I look at the wedding shot below.  The bride and groom were dancing their first dance as husband and wife and the moment was so tender and sweet.  Then, I find myself smiling when I look at little Levi's serious face (two pictures down).  He wasn't interested in looking at the camera but, somehow I managed to get this beautiful and serious shot of his handsome face.  Those deep brown eyes melt my heart and seem so full of mystery!  Then I find myself cracking up when I look at the maternity picture (3rd picture down)....little Lila was not interested in kissing mommy's tummy initially as we were requesting of her but, I thought this picture captured real life so perfectly.  Photos are such a treasure and they all tell a story of some kind.
A few weeks back my sweet photographer friend, Emily Camp, (who is oh so talented!) and I exchanged skills and shot each other's Christmas family sessions.  We set up a couple of hay stacks and a few Christmas decorations and did a quick little mini session for each other.  It really is such a blessing to have such talented photographer friends because I don't know that I could afford to pay for a family session each Christmas!  Emily did a fantastic job.  I absolutely loved our pictures and will cherish them forever.  I even got a couple printed on a large canvas to hang in our living room:)!  Daisy cooperated quite well, which surprised me and we were able to get a couple cute shots of her looking in the general direction of the camera.  Yeah!  I will say that I am not a fan of family picture day....not at all.  Somehow even when I plan way ahead, pick out our outfits in advance, set up early, get dressed early etc...things seem to unravel in some way or another and I find myself incredibly relieved when it is all over.  It must be worth it though because, I continue to do it ever year:). lol  Enjoy the pics and sorry that this blog post was so long.  I suppose it is to be expected with how little I blog now though. hehe :)


  1. I so love every single one of these pictures! I sent you an e-mail today.

  2. Love the family photo session, you guys look great. Daisy is getting to be such a big girl.

  3. Very cute family pics! And oh the woes of potty training! Kaela had so many setbacks too and it's only been the last few months that I am confident enough to take her anywhere, for any amount of time and always know that she WILL tell me. It was a long road though! Just keep pluggin at it, every kid has their own pace and cute does she look on that potty!!? Oh man, adorable!
    So post pictures of your sessions ASAP mmkay? awesome...ttul!

  4. Love your christmas pictures! And love love love Daisy's big girl bed! So pretty!

  5. So, so cute!! Some day I've just got to have you come take pictures of my family!! :)

  6. Daisy is such a doll! You guys all look great in the pictures. I love the last one with Daisy kissing her daddy.

  7. Oh so many things happening. Love the family pics, you know that I just think you 3 are the most beautiful little family EVER! Super big hugs my friend. Wish we were closer.

  8. Beautiful Family pics Casey!!!!

    you are always inspiring to me I'm really trying to keep up with babys blog now :)


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