Monday, April 27, 2009

Anniversary #5 and a story of sorts

I met Joey during the first semester of my junior year in high school. I think the date would have been September of 1999. We sat across from each other in a keyboarding class and little did I know that the prankster in front of me would someday be my husband! I was shy and careful when it came to guys and Joey was wild and outgoing, but the best thing of all, he put me at ease like no one I had ever met before. Joey's computer somehow "broke" and he was moved into the only available computer which happened to be next to me.
We talked to each other constantly about our lives, our interests and other random things and I know we both really looked forward to that class each day. Then the class came to an end in December of 99' and when we came back to school in January of 2000 I was in music appreciation and Joey was in Home EC. I had moved on and figured we would see each other around, but Joey had not moved on and in fact he met with the guidance counselor and switched into my music class!! Things progressed from there as they always do. We exchanged numbers, began talking on the phone, during lunch, during class, between classes etc and finally I worked up the nerve to ask Joey on a group date. I had never asked any guy out or on a date before mind you. That was not my style at all and it took all the courage I could muster to do so but, I just knew in my heart that this guy was worth it. We went on several group dates and solo dates and we were absolutely smitten with each other. Not long after Joey "asked me out" and I turned the poor guy down for personal reasons which I will not elaborate on here. Under normal circumstances that would be the end of most relationships but, not if Joey could help it. He was crushed to be fair and I think he might have moved on if a friend of mine hadn't told Joey one day in the cafeteria line that I still cared deeply for him and that I was just sorting some things out in my life at the time. (I will owe her forever!). That was all it took! Joey was filled with renewed hope that he could still win me over and he began to pursue me all over again. What a guy huh!

I remember going out to eat at Toppers pizza with Joey shortly thereafter to discuss what was going on and why I was hesitant to commit to a relationship with him. It was a tough that I'm sure most 16 year olds have never had to have, but it was a pivotal night for us. After talking and really hashing things out, I accepted Joey's second request to be his girlfriend. That was the night of our first kiss as awkward one to say the least. From there the rest is history. Joey has never once stop pursuing me since the day he met me. He told me a couple years after we had been dating that he had a dream very early on before we were even together that I would be the girl he would marry! To this day, I know God put that dream in Joey's heart and Joey couldn't let it go until he saw that dream become a reality! May 1st, 2004 at Calvary Chapel, Joey and I exchanged wedding vows before our family, friends and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

If anyone were to ask me today, "Do you have any regrets about marrying so young" or "do you think you missed out on things," I can say without a moments hesitation that this is the best life I can imagine and I wouldn't want to change it or take it back for all the money in the world! I have a best friend, confidant, counselor, encourager, jokster, lover, hero and prince all wrapped up into one! I have someone to laugh with, someone to cry with, someone to hold and be held by, someone to worship God with and someone to get old with. I would be a liar if I said that every day is a "bed of roses," or that marriage is as easy as pie, but, with a little tender love and care marriage is the most wonderful gift that God can give a man and woman to share together. Happy 5th Anniversary Joey! You are the most amazing man of God that a woman could ask for and you are just as charming and handsome as the first day I met you!


  1. You guys are so perfect for one another and no one has to know you two very long to see that God clearly is the center of your marriage. Happy 5 years (a few days early) and may God bless you two with many, many, many, many, many (you get the point) more years together.

  2. Copy and paste everything Lindsey said here...

    All I can say is that you guys were absolutely, 100% meant for each other, we love you guys, we cherish your friendships, and a VERY happy 5th anniversary :)

  3. Well...I'm only the third one to post, and they've pretty much covered it all! :) You two are clearly very much in love and are a living testimony that marriage, with God at the center, CAN work in today's world!! Happy early anniversary...and again - have a great time on your trip!!

  4. aw! you two are so incredibly cute! thanks for sharing the story! happy five years! i am proud of you guys! :)


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