Monday, April 13, 2009

Landscaping (pictures in reverse order)

Welcome to our front yard! Thanks Granddad and Grandma for the Welcome sign! We both love it!
Ta-Da! We are going to go buy some seasonal flowers here shortly to plant around the edge of the border, but regardless, I am so happy with the change of color, variation and style. These plants will all grow to be much larger over time so our yard will look much different each year. I love it! Can I also say that this picture doesn't do our new yard justice at all because the colors are hard to see as are a few of the smaller plants that don't even show up. Come over and check it out!
You can also see our new storm door that Joey installed a few days earlier. Now we get to look outside and enjoy our garden all day everyday...oh wait, that's just me because I work from home:).
Next step, dig another good sized hole for the Red Dragon Japanese Maple (Joey's baby). I wasn't sure about the mini tree at first, but now it is one of my favorite features of our border. Great choice baby!
First step, dig a huge hole for the Okame Cherry Tree and then figure out how to roll the 400 pound beast up our steep yard and into that huge hole. What an adventure that was!! Thank goodness Joey is so strong and creative!
Our yard before with the builder plants...not terrible, but I don't care for the 70's green/yellow evergreens..let me rephrase that...I hate the green/yellow evergreens...out they go! We pulled everything out. Not a single original plant remains! Fortunately, a neighbor up the street wanted all of our old plants so nothing was murdered just to calm all of you hippies out there:)
Getting our azaleas at a different nursery. We have a picture of Joey pulling the cart too but he isn't very proud of it:) haha
I enjoyed picking out a few border plants and for anyone who knows know that I have a hard time making fast decisions (yes, character flaw)...can you imagine how hard it was for me to pick 4 of these plants with 400 to choose from. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Thankfully, I have an exceptionally patient husband:)
Joey scoping out the plants at the world's cheapest nursery. Never again will we pay full price for a tree at Home Depot or Lowe's.


  1. good job you guys! We are impressed with your landscaping skills. Looks awesome!

  2. your yard looks GREAT! congrats on all the hard work-i love seeing what you guys are up to :)


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