Monday, April 20, 2009

The Big 26 -

My 26th birthday was April 13th and this year I really wanted to do something different and fun. I have always wanted to do an 80's themed party so this year I thought what the heck, I'll go for it. I invited our friends from our church as well as our neighborhood. We met at a mall to eat first (just like the high school days:) and then we headed over to the local skating rink. We were by far the oldest folks at the rink which made us feel really old and our outfits drew a lot of stares and laughs which was great!

I kinda went for a Pretty In Pink outfit. Joey was likened to Rob Lowe. We had some outfits that resembled Miami Vice, Madonna, Top Gun, Flash Dance and the preppy look. We had a blast!!!
Thank you to everyone who came and made my birthday special this year. It will always be a fun memory to look back on:).

Joey got me a new lens for my camera and a few other camera gadgets that will help me in my photography. I love the new lens (these pics were taken with a different camera). Thank you baby for the wonderful birthday gift!!


  1. I have been waiting not so patiently for these 80s pics and they were SOOOO worth it! I LOVE it! You all looked GREAT! I totally got the Miami Vice thing from Joe's outfit and I loved that you had two different outfits, one for dinner and one for skating, and I love the old school skates too! What a great memory for you!!

  2. awww!!! you guys are so cute! i'm glad you had a fun birthday-i love the 80's-ness :)

  3. Gosh Casey- I miss you!! HA! I would have loved to dress up and go skating with you!! And where did you get that gorgeous sweater!? ;) I'm glad that you had a great birthday and that you got a present for your new found hobby!

  4. I too was waiting to see all your outfits! Glad to see you had a fun birthday! Looking forward to seeing your skills at using your new lens!

  5. I'm so glad you did such a fun thing for your birthday! I wish I were there!! And, Joey, what a guy!! the birthday present!


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