Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011 - Decorate

It was the year of red and gold in our house.  I was quite pleased with how our Christmas tree turned out but, the sacrifice was leaving off all of our personal ornaments.  I have always loved theme trees and I figure since my little one is still so little and wouldn't miss the personal ornaments, that this was the best time to fulfill a little dream of mine:).  The only thing I would have done differently is to add more white lights (I love a lot of twinkle!) and more red ornaments (preferably some red ornaments with white glitter polka dots or stripes on them:). Perhaps next year...

All of our personal presents were wrapped in red and white polka dot or striped paper.  I had to keep all of the presents on top of our TV armoire until Christmas Eve night because Daisy was  dying to open them.  They actually looked really cute on the armoire and added a nice festive touch.  I wasn't able to buy any new decorations this year so I chose instead to sprinkle the house with ornaments.  I have found that an ornament can add a festive touch to almost any room (hanging from the bathroom shower curtain) or corner of the house (nestled on a bookcase).  Do you like to decorate with ornaments?
I have more decoration pictures that I could share but, no more time so I will let these pictures conclude our 2011 Christmas decorations.  A big thanks to my momma and hubby who helped get it all decorated on Thanksgiving in a few short hours!  We were quite a team!



  1. Happy New Year! Love the red and gold - bravo!

  2. beautiful, and yes, I love what decorating brings to the house. Makes it so homey...I think you did a great job, so creative you are!

  3. Wonderful tree! A few years ago, we did a silver and blue tree and it was beautiful. I hated not putting my first ornament or the kids first ornaments on the tree, though. Now, we put all of the ornaments on, and I adore it.

  4. Love it! Such beautiful decorations and pictures! What camera do you use? You can check out my blog at It's really new :)

  5. Oh Casey..i loooove your christmas decorations...and i would choose the same colors ( love the red-green ).

  6. Love these!! Such gorgeous decorations. Love your new watermark too. :)

  7. So cute. I can't believe it, but I didn't take one photo of my Christmas decorations. I think I have the tree in the background of some pics of Bennett Christmas morning.


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