Friday, January 20, 2012

Antiquing Through a Photographer's Eyes

I wouldn't say that I love all antique shops but, I can say that I do LOVE this one and all the little antique shops that are nestled around it!  When I first started shopping at Suzanna's Antiques a few years ago it was the only shop on the site but, since then they have expanded and now several little antique shops are built up around the perimeter. It's like a little antique town and a person could easily spend hours meandering about.  They do such a fabulous job of displaying the antiques and each vendor has their own booth and different styles of antiques.  It's just plain fun to shop here! I posted pictures from my last trip to Suzanna's Antiques about a year ago and being that my friend Emily and I both have a similar new lens for our camera we decided to give them a little test flight while we shopped through all the fabulous treasures.  I was on the hunt for a suitcase and a cute crate for my Valentine's Day mini session.  I found what I was looking for.  Score!  This place is prop Heaven for a photographer!
How neat would it be do do a vintage themed session and have a young woman all dressed up and looking through these old photographs.  It would feel so nostalgic. 
I would love to do a photography session with a Senior on a bike like this one.  I would fill the basket with something and find a nice field or cobblestone road.  It's charming isn't it!
Kind of hard to tell but, there are lots of different little shops all around the perimeter and Suzanna's is the main yellow building. 
I have a soft spot for banners.  This one was made with music paper and a page from a book I believe.  I will have to make one sometime!  I can definitely envision it hanging above a newborn or a child during a studio session.
Love the old prints on the walls, the colors, the frills and the entire feel of this booth.  So chic and feminine.  Hey, look at that..I got in the picture:).  I would love to do a shoot with a bunch of old pics hanging on a rustic wall behind some kiddos!  Too cute.
 There aren't too many stores that you can shop in that make looking up as fun as looking down and around but, this shop is one of them!  A feast for the eyes at every turn.

I am currently taking a 30 day siesta from coffee and it has been ummm..a challenge.  Seeing this beautiful china with the word coffee screaming at me as I walked by didn't help.  But, it was pretty so I took it's picture even though it was taunting me.  lol
Me and Emily were both smitten with this little outdoor bike/plant holder.  I immediately saw it as a priceless newborn photo prop!! Can't you just imagine sticking a tiny little baby in that seat with a blanket pouring over the side and a cute little pot in the front basket.  OH MY GOSH....I was definitely wishing I had the $$ to scoop this treasure up and yah know what, someone else must have seen what I saw because it was snatched up by the time we left. Sigh.
I really want to buy this red ladder to use for my kids photography sessions. The red would really pop in a shot and I when not being used for photo sessions I would love to stick a flower pot on the little shelf and angle it in the corner of my garden with a little garden sign mounted on it.   Charming isn't it!
And oh how this couch stole my heart.  I would LOVE to have a couch like this as a permanent studio prop.  The color was fabulous (green is my favorite color in most any shade), the character and old charm...swoon.  I would totally use this couch for my family Christmas mini sessions!  LOVE IT!
Loved everything about this entire corner.  Wished I had a gorgeous model to shove in that tiny dress and stare into that darling mirror while putting on lipstick so I could capture the next cover shot for Vogue. No? Well, one can dream can't she:).

My friend Emily, who is also an awesome photographer (check her work out here) had her eye on the chandeliers and lemme tell yah this place has a lot of darling chandeliers! 
 Props can be quite addicting for a photographer can't I suppose going to a fabulous antique shop like this could be equated to sending a gambling addict to Las careful because, it really is that fun!  :) hehe


  1. Those are gorgeous photos my friend! You have inspired me with your creativity! I love seeing people's expression come alive from their heart. Thanks for your visit, I'm going through some changes and appreciate your stopping by!

  2. Love these pics! Makes me want to get out to our local shop today!

  3. Oh my peas, I would die if there were such a fabulous place near me! The antique shops in this neck of the woods are not so boutiquish..they'r more like storage units crammed with so much stuff that you feel like you're on an episode of American Pickers. Antique shopping with Casey is now officially on my bucket list.

  4. Wonderful pictures, Casey! I love your taste in props.

  5. Love it! Love the vintage feel to your pictures. And your angles - you got it right on! The handful of pics that I took don't even compare to yours. Great job documenting on our little afternoon out. :)

  6. Oooh so many amazing pieces! And you're totally right, that bike would be SO cute as a photo prop! Maybe next time you can scoop it up ; )

  7. oh my goodness I have never seen such a cute shop! I would LOVE to go there!

  8. Oh - these are awesome! So many great pictures...and yeah, you could go crazy on the amazing props you could find in places like this!

  9. Your photography is just so, so beautiful! I appreciate the beauty you find all around you!
    Have a blessed day!

  10. Oh my - what a fabulous place. It's like prop heaven!!!! I could buy it all (sure the hums would love that) :)

  11. Fun! Hope we can go back there one day.

  12. Casey, Your photography is awesome! What talent! That's my green couch,, its still for sale at Vignette, its so photogenic in your hands!,, do we need to make something happen to get it to live in your studio?

  13. I want to go really love the bike.


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