Friday, January 13, 2012

Sequined Skirts Are A Little Girl's Delight

Joey and I went to the mall tonight to get a bite to eat, pass some time and let Daisy run around. She was on cloud nine walking around in the mall like a big girl and going in and out of the stores with her Daddy and Mommy. While in The Children's Place we had one particularly priceless parent moment.  As Daisy was walking around in the store she happened upon a little sequined black skirt on one of the lower wracks all by herself and she was mesmerized.   Joey and I still weren't thinking much of it but, as we watched our precious little girl sway back and forth with her new treasure pinned against her waist we heard her say, "oooooooo purrrrdeeeeee," and we bust up laughing and smiled so big our faces hurt.  She pointed to the ground and asked us to sit down so we could oo and aaa over her new skirt so we did just that...and weird as it might have looked to everyone around us, we had the sweetest 5 minutes together as a family.  A couple of times Daisy held the skirt up to Joey and said, "Daddy like."  Oh man, we were both a big mess of sloppy parental mush (and yes I just made that up so it probably only sounds right to me lol). And while she was still holding the black sequined skirt she reached over and grabbed some sparkly silver she isn't even 2 yet and she already has more fashion sense than her momma! hahahaha  It really was a memory that I know Joey and I will always treasure.

And while I am on the subject of little girls and cute things they can, little girls are fun to shop for!



  1. What a perfect moment :) Kids are awesome. I'm excited for the day when Cruz learns to talk (more than just mamama and dadada :) and we can have fun moments like this. So great that you're writing these things down.. you'll treasure these memories later!
    I LOVE the outfit pictures! Especially the glittery TOMS. ADORBS!!

    Andrea xoxo

  2. I fall in love with little girls clothes and shoes all the time :) Those Toms and Uggs are so incredibly cute :)

  3. Girls will be girls!! Daisy swaying back and forth with a glittery skirt attached to her waist, she sounds like such a big girl!! Blink and it will be prom:( I think I'll embrace the diapers for now:) Love all the pretty dresses and shoes! xoxo

  4. Little girls ARE fun to shop for! And fun to shop with too!

  5. Oh that's a fantastic memory to share!!! And those clothes are way cute!!! It is way more fun to buy little girls' clothes, but the boys' stuff is getting a little better. I love the retro stuff I find for A!!

  6. When I walk by those clothes, that is exactly what I would think Daisy would look the best in! I love them, they are so darling and elegant! Now I know what I can do to spoil her with:-)

  7. That is so sweet! What a fun little moment. She sounds like she is going to LOVE to shop :)

    I just came across your blog and it is so cute!

  8. Those are the best moments...and I wish I could wear out little girls outfits on a daily basis...especially the pink glitter Tom's (Rae got them for Christmas)!


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