Friday, November 21, 2014

Forever My Princess - Halloween 2014

This past Halloween my kiddo asked to be a princess...again.  We've been dressing up as a princess since she was a 16 months old and her princess love just keeps growing.  We've had a Cinderella party, an Elsa-Frozen party and she's dressed up as Snow White, Belle and now this year she asked to be Aurora.

She really was the sweetest Aurora I'd ever seen.  (I only say that because she is my daughter of course...I hope you understand:). lol

Pink is her favorite color after all so this costume was a big hit...well, technically, pink, purple, Elsa-Blue (as she insists on calling it), green and gold...are her favorite colors lately but, pink is always her first pick. 

She had her outfit hanging carefully in her closet for a month.  She picked out a crown and pumpkin bucket to match and she set aside her pink shoes and patiently waited to wear the ensemble until Halloween because she wanted to keep her costume nice.  Such a girly girl...such a little princess...such a tender-hearted princess who I absolutely adore.  I have so much to thank God for every day simply because He blessed me with her.    

For the briefest of moments I wanted to talk Daisy out of dressing up as a princess again.   I was hoping I could convince her to be Super Girl, or a robot or something else random and well, different.  For the briefest of moments I was forgetting just how quickly my little girl will outgrow these sweet little princess dresses and that soon enough we will be dressing up as other things and I will miss these days terribly.  Then it dawned on me that Daisy may very well be the only daughter that I ever have!  After that simple and yet mind-blowing revelation, I zipped my trap and celebrated my daughter's Aurora decision whole-heartedly.  Princess it is kiddo! 

I mean c'mon, could she be any happier? 

In effort to maintain a little tradition (which I so enjoy), I made our delicious burritos and homemade salsa for anyone who wanted to join us and Great Grandma and Great Granddad drove over to help us pass out candy and celebrate.  Daisy loves her Great Grandparents to pieces and she gets so excited when they come over to celebrate with her.  She was incredibly giddy all day long to say the least.  

As usual we were scrambling a bit frantically at the last minute to get out the door to trick or treat with our neighbors.  Daddy still wasn't home from work and I still hadn't taken pictures of my princess!  We were also excited because cousin Avery was coming over to treat with us for a little bit.  Her first Halloween!  So special:).  

 I am not fond of the last minute chaos that so often accompanies holiday events but, we got through it as we always do and Daisy didn't even seem to notice.  Mission accomplished.  

This picture melts my Mommy heart.  My 4 1/2 year old is still so little but, at the same time she is getting so big so fast.   Someday, I am going to cry buckets when this little girl walks down the aisle to marry the love of her life, her prince and looks back at me with this sweet face.  Sigh.  Slow down time.

Every princess needs to twirl at least once! 

This girl has more facial expressions than I can count:).  I love them all. 

Her candy bucket was quite full by the end of the evening.  Mommy and Daddy took turns holding the bucket between houses because it was hurting her hands and it was also quite chilly out and her little fingers were freezing.  She never complained and her smile couldn't be contained.  She was one happy princess. 

A girl can never wear too much pink right? :)

I love the mysterious feel of this black and white capture.  Daisy had just heard a loud noise outside and I happened to capture her curious expression in just the right moment.  This shot has a Wizard of Oz feel...or something like that to me:).  Plus it's another shot that made me pause and look at the face of my daughter and say to myself, "when did you get so old my sweet girl??"  

The truth is that Daisy is in fact a princess because her Father in Heaven is a King!  I hope that she grows up and holds tightly to this truth.  She is His!  She does not ever need to fear because God is within her and He goes before her!  His love for her is unmatchable.  

Daisy my sweet princess, I love you so much!  Thank you for all of the fun princess adventures that you have taken me on.  I wasn't much of a princess girl myself when I was little and it has been an absolute joy to celebrate with pink, sparkles, dresses and crowns these past four years.  xoxo

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