Monday, April 27, 2015

Happy Monday!

It's really hard to capture this little guy's smiles on camera because he doesn't smile a ton and because it takes a lot of work and perfect timing to make these smiles happen. If I recall, this smile was a result of Daddy walking up behind me while I squealed and danced like a buffoon all for nothing.

 All it took was Daddy saying hi and Bruin busts out the biggest smile.  He melts me.... I have so many pictures of this little guy that I would love to share but, zero time to upload, edit, resize and write about them all. So perhaps I will throw a few random ones up once in a while just to say that I tried! haha. Isn't he edible. Yum.

And though big sister is totally not interested in the photo op. she was sharing the Curious George show on my cell phone quite nicely.  She adores her little bro to bits and she is happy as a clam so long as he is next to her.

 I'm so, so glad that they have each other.  BFF's.

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  1. So cute! Such great smiles! You are so blessed to have two beautiful kids like those two in your life!


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