Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What I love about today

The first of the four pregnant ladies in my group had her baby today around 1 PM EST. We are hoping to go visit him/them briefly this evening so I will try and steal a picture if time permits. I can't believe that I am already to the point that the gals I have been going through my pregnancy with are starting to pop! Wow! This just makes things feel that much more real for both Joey and myself!! Congrats to Todd and Lindsey Davis and welcome to the world baby Samuel!!

Two: Online bill pay has got to be the coolest thing since automatic transmissions!! I'm way behind on this one but, I finally took the time to set up all my bills online and now I get to pay them with one simple click of my mouse. I'm am a huge fan of organization and the online system calculates all the totals for me and keeps all my bills up to speed. I LOVE IT<> LOVE ITTTTTT!!! hahahah


  1. I love bill pay too!!! It's amazing that it's free!
    Congrats to your friends!!

  2. 1. Hope you got to see the adorableness that is baby Sam! I almost started crying when I held him, but glad I contained myself :-)

    2. Online bill pay rocks my socks off. Glad it is blowing your mind.


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