Sunday, February 14, 2010

Goodies, 2nd snow and a boat show! woo

Thursday evening Joey's mom and his sister stopped by and it was like Santa Claus and his elves had come over bearing lots of goodies for our baby girl:) As you can tell by Joey's expression in the picture above, we were VERY happy/surprised to get a Pack N' Play and a swing which were still much needed things before the arrival of our munchkin. It was amazing how challenging the pack n' play was to assemble (horrible directions didn't help) but, eventually Joey and his mom got it up and we set it up in our bedroom. It comes with an infant sleeper so that is where our baby girl will sleep for a little while. Joey also couldn't wait to put the swing together which is now sitting in our living room just waiting for a baby to lull to sleep:). We were also blessed with diapers and clothes and other goodies. Truly it was like Christmas all over again! Thank you mom M. and Jess!! On a side note: We cannot emphasize enough, how grateful, thankful and humbled we are by all the things that everyone has done to help us get ready for our first child. From encouraging words and support, painting our nursery, hosting our baby showers and blessing us with goodies for our baby we have seen God continually meet our needs through your amazing hearts and we just want to say a hearty THANK YOU!!

Friday night Joey and I met his mom and Granddad at a local boat show. Joey was drooling over the beautiful bass boats, I was trying not to covet the AMAZING ski boats and Joey's mom and Granddad were loving the roomy Pontoon boats. Brand new boats are so shiny, smooth and lovely and of course they have price tags to match. Still, it was fun to check them all out and after wards we went back to Joey's mamas house for her famous and let me add, most delicious burritos EVER!! Fun times:).

On our drive home Friday night it started snowing and by morning we had about 3-4 inches of fluffy white powder everywhere. Our second snow of the season and both within two weeks of each other. I love that in North Carolina the snow rarely lasts more than a few days. It's just enough time to enjoy it a little bit but, not be too inconvenienced by it. That's why we moved here and not further up North:).

Stay tuned for lots more pictures and fun updates:)


  1. Yes! More goodies! That is so nice to be spoiled like that! It's great you have his mom and sister there! Women are always willing to snatch that baby so mom can sleep! I can tell just by them spoiling you that they are going to LOVE this baby, which means you should have a lot of help!

  2. That is so awesome. I can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful little girl in the swing and crib. :-) It's getting closer!!!


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