Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Little Preggo photo shoot

No we are not this warped looking in real life but, this 40 year old mirror had a circus effect on us. lol I like the angle though. Great eye Elissa:)
Yes, I really am this big! Can't believe we are down to the home stretch!

I stole this picture idea from our friends who just had their baby:) It's my favorite!
I loved this cute picture of Elissa and her son Logan so I had to add it to this post:). Plus she was the one kind enough to take these maternity pics for us before they headed back home. I am very happy to have some pictures with both Joey and myself right before our baby is to be born as most of the pics I have are just me by myself. I will always cherish these. Thank you Elissa and great job:)!

Another night of no zzzz's. Starting to feel like a zombie but, at the same time surprised how long the body can go with so little sleep. Quite impressive!

Finished up washing all the baby clothes for 0-3 months this week and have started packing a little hospital bag for me and the baby. Joey is going to put our infant car seat in my car this weekend and then all I have to do is make one final shopping trip for some little things and find a good pediatrician before I pop. It feels absolutely wonderful to have so much of the big stuff out of the way at this point and I have you all to thank for a lot of that!!

Just a little heads up: When we do go to the hospital for the real thing we will hopefully post periodic updates either on facebook or on this blog depending on which is easier and faster at the time. We will be bringing our laptop so we will also post a couple of pictures at some point while we are at the hospital for all of you who won't be able to see our little girl right away. We probably will not be answering many phone calls or text messages but, just know that we will get back to you when we can and we appreciate the love and support:). Baby girl Martinez will be here before we know it!


  1. Those are really cute pictures! I'm so glad you will be keeping us up to date from the hospital! If my laptop wasn't broken I would have done the same thing! Isn't it fun to get all the clothes washed and you can just dream about dressing your little baby in all of it?! Can't wait!!

  2. Great pictures Casey! I would love to see them all...people I did take a bunch! I had fun doing it and would love to when little girl M arrives! I hope you do find time to update when in the hospital...but I am sure we all understand if you are too busy! Just let us know she is safe, how big, and HER NAME! Love ya beautiful momma!

  3. YAY!!! adorable! i can't wait to see pictures of your baby girl!!!
    an 'm' name??? they are the best! :)

  4. I love preggo photo shoots!! These pictures are adorable and I love the one of Joey kissing your belly! Can't wait for hospital pics :)

  5. You are my pregnant fashion icon. And you have an adorable belly. Lila wants to meet Baby Martinez! Can you believe we will all be sitting in those rocking chairs at the back of church so soon??


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