Tuesday, February 16, 2010

34 Weeks and a Doozy of a Night

I was dared to keep taking bare belly pictures to the end of this pregnancy...this one is for you Melissa:).

Today we turned the page into our 34th week of this pregnancy. I am bigger than ever and at my appointment last Thursday the doctor strongly urged me to cut back a lot if not completely (sorry, not going to happen), on all fruit juice, fruit and sweets of any kind. I have been told to drink strictly water for the next 5-6 weeks of this pregnancy and this is all to keep my weight under control. Thanks Doc. You might as well just tell me I'm fat and I should go on a diet. lol. To be considered though: Joey was 8 pounds 7 ounces or something like that and I was 8 pounds 12 ounces so our chances of having a tiny baby are pretty slim. I think our little girl is just chunking up regardless of what I eat or do. Or maybe I am just fat. Whatever. lol

Last night I was woken up rather abruptly around 12 with one contraction after another. I tried to lay in bed awake until 1 AM hoping the contractions would calm down so I could go back to sleep but, not only did they not slow down, they picked up in intensity, frequency and our poor little girl was swinging, kicking and rolling furiously with every contraction. At 1:30 I couldn't take it anymore so I got up and walked into the kitchen to drink a lot of water and then I sat on the couch wide awake timing the contractions as best as I could though my stomach just felt tight non-stop and my back was killing me. The contractions weren't completely consistent but they came about every 5 or 10 minutes for 8 hours straight. Yup, that's right. I was kept awake from 1 AM until 9 AM with contraction after contraction and the constant need to pee thanks to the contractions and a splitting headache. I didn't bother calling the doctor until later on only because I knew that unless my contractions were 5 minutes apart consistently for an hour that they would tell me to drink water and ride it out which is what I was already doing to the best of my ability. Needless to say, our poor little girl never stopped moving for those 8 hours either so my main concern was how she was doing. It was rough to say the least and it puts all my other 4-5 hours a night of sleep to shame. I worked a half day today but, was a zombie for my second half. I hope this isn't going to be a pattern for the next 5-6 weeks. Poor baby and me can't take much more of this not sleeping stuff. We shall see.


  1. your stomach is so purdy! fat?? whatever! you don't even have any stretch marks!

    so sorry about last night. try a hot bath next time, although I will be praying hard that there is no next time until she's full term!

  2. How was the rest of your day? What did your doc say? You sure look cute in that shirt! Can't wait to see the pics I was able to take of you, Joe and baby girl!

  3. that sucks! I will be praying that this is not a normal thing. I feel for you on the lack of sleep and I hope your are able to make it up whenever you can.

  4. yes let us know what your doctor says. You should at least call to let them know! I am so impressed that you posted a bare belly pic! Now I dare you to post one at 38 weeks... da da da! Your baby belly is beautiful and it looks like she has dropped down! I must point out that though your belly may be big, it is only growing out front and not on the sides (like mine did! haha) . I bet you will be fitting into your normal jeans very soon!

  5. hey-you are ADORABLE!!! i love the belly!!!! so cute!

  6. You are so far from fat. All I see is a baby bump, no love handles or anything. Yeah, I don't think I could go 5-6 weeks cutting back on the goods. That's when I wanted the most junk. I wish you luck on that! I'm sure he was just concerned that the baby would get too big for you to push out, not that you are fat.

    Wow, 8 hours straight! Your body is doing all the prep work!! I hope you get more sleep!

  7. I love it, "or maybe I'm just fat!" Whatever!!! You poor thing...as if he didn't already take away your fav's, now he's only givin ya water. Couple more weeks and it'll all be worth it - I'm praying for a good nights sleep for you tonight :)


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