Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Much

I don't have much to share nor do I have pictures because our laptop is again TKO:). The frame that we replaced is working like a champ but, the latest problem is that our laptop has stopped holding a charge. We bought a new battery which it did need but, the more pressing issue is that the laptop is not getting a good enough connection on the battery charger to hold a charge. Blah Blah Blah. Basically the entire thing is in pieces all over the dining room again and Joey is going to attempt to correct the problem, but it may or may not work. Fingers crossed that it does because I will have blogging withdrawals within a day or two without that laptop!! lol. As usual, I have pictures that I am eager to post but, they will just have to wait...or you will that is:).

Joey installed our car seat this weekend and it looks so cute in the back of my car:). Thanks babe! Starting this week I will have a doctor's appointment every week until the baby comes and I will keep you posted if the doc. has anything new to say about my massive belly. lol. Tomorrow I will be 35 weeks and whew, it's almost scary to me how close I am to the end of this pregnancy. I am so over being pregnant, having a horrible night's sleep, peeing every 30 minutes and having an aching back but, it still kind of blows my mind how fast this pregnancy has flown by and how soon I will be holding our little girl in my arms and not in my tummy. EEK!! lol.

My two other pregnant pals are due in the next week or two and I am so excited for them!! It's been a rough road for the three of us but, we are all in the home stretch now!! WooHoo!!

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