Monday, February 1, 2010

Snowy Weekend

what we woke up to Saturday morning:) Beautiful and very chilly:)
Dakota was not very happy but, Joey was having a blast! lol
Dakota just wanted to go back inside. What a wus.
Our awesome neighbors were kind enough to snap a quick pic of me and Joey
32 weeks, 8 months preggo and still so much more growing to do!! Below: Al and Val
awesome neighbors across the street from us:).

Friday night at around 8 PM it started snowing and by early Saturday morning it was about 12 degrees and we had a good 4-5 inches of pretty white powder on the ground. The rest of the day was very chilly and we continued to get sleet periodically so we stayed inside all day long. To pass the time we watched a lot of the show Dirty Jobs (Joey's favorite) and though that show can really gross me out at times it can also be quite informative about jobs I would otherwise know nothing about. Kinda neat:) We ate some yummy home style beans and green chili enchiladas (delish!), took a nap and stayed in our jammies pretty much all day. Dakota did not do nearly as well in the snow this year as she did last year. Last year she went plowing through it and had a blast but, this time her legs were shaking like crazy from the moment we pushed her outside to go potty. Normally it takes her a few minutes to go potty...on snow covered ground days it takes her about 15 minutes and we have to yell, "GO POTTY" over and over again to keep her focused while we freeze our booties off. Sheesh. She is so high maintenance!

Sunday it was still too icy to drive anywhere safely and church was even cancelled so we had another cabin day. This time we actually got dressed and went out for a walk. It was gorgeous outside and even though it was in the low 40's it felt very nice out. Even Dakota was in Heaven with all the sunbeams to bask in around the house:).

I found the most adorable early 1900's white dresser on Craigslist that was being sold for $60 with the perfect height and width and in perfect condition! I contacted the seller and was expecting the dresser to be sold already as that is my usual luck with Craigs list finds. She contacted me back promptly and said it was still available and asked when I could pick it up (this was via e-mail). I gave her a call on the phone and left her a message about when I could pick it up and that I would pay full price gladly. I was so excited. Do you see where this story might be going? A couple hours passed and I never got a call back so I called again and again got voicemail. Then the number called me right back and it was the husband informing me that they had just sold the dresser to someone else (jacked up!). I was um....let's see...heartbroken, devastated, angry and basically due to pregnancy hormones and all the effort I have been putting into finding this stupid white dresser...only to be screwed over, started crying. This dresser wouldn't have needed any touch up paint or work done, it was ready to go and SO cute! I decided to make myself a cake to try and get over my disappointment and while I made it I sang, "I'm making myself a cake and you can't take it away from me, can't take it away from me." hahaha I'm still sore over it today but, I'm moving on....the hunt continues:).

We finished out our Sunday by watching LOST to get ready for the new season premiere this Tuesday night and eating lots of my pity party cake! WooHoo! It was really quite wonderful to be cooped up in the house with my adorable husband all weekend long. I would have thought we would have gotten sick of each other but, we both had a great time being in each other's company, laughing (uh, aside from my short moment of tears), watching shows, feeling the baby move and making fun of Dakota. I just love my hubby to pieces and it seems that with each passing day that love only grows stronger and stronger. All glory to God! :-) Joey, you are the best, most understanding, supportive, patient, handsome, hilarious, charming guy I've ever met!! Love you babe!


  1. Eww! leave all the mushy stuff for the bedroom, okay?! Just kidding. :-) I truly am sorry for your craigs list infuriates me too when people do that. And my goodness you have popped! I can't believe that baby belly. :-) I'm so excited for you guys and can't wait for the next two months to fly by so that I can "meet" that baby girl. I really wish I lived close to you. :-(

  2. Aww so sad about the dresser! I will be praying God brings along another perfect one this week for you :-) PS- Dakota is so cute in the snow!

  3. Aw man! I hope you find that dresser soon!! That is a real bummer:(. Casey, you are getting so close! Can't wait to see your beautiful girl!


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