Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baby Stuff (yeah!)

No more caffeine for me per Doctor's orders but, decaf is still aok. I love my TEA!!!
Can you tell that I'm excited about our little girl's carseat:).
Love getting Target packages unexpectedly at the doorstep!!! It's like Christmas all over:)
A friend gave me the mobile for the crib and I think it's too cute. I wouldn't have spent money on one otherwise and this one is perfect:). Now our little girl can enjoy listening to a baby lullaby while watching the stars and moons spin overhead:).

Heard the doorbell ring this week (a sure sign UPS has dropped something off) and it turns out Joey's aunt and uncle blessed us with our infant car seat and some other much needed goodies. I cannot thank them enough for these things and it is such a huge relief to have the infant car seat in hand in case for any reason our gal should decide to come early. Thank you guys so much!!! It was such a treat to rip open the boxes and assemble the car seat a couple of days ago. I bought some cute strap covers for it with the pink lambs on them and now all it needs is a baby sitting in it:). Yeah!!! I will say that I realized when picking up the car seat how out of shape I have gotten. Man, that sucker is heavy without a baby in it! On the flip side it does have the in car base attached to it which adds a good deal of weight but, still. Man, I need to do some preggo push ups or something! haha.

The doc told me at my last appointment that my one cup a day of caffeinated tea is most likely the cause of my intense Braxton Hicks contractions. So, I stopped drinking it and for the past week I have had hangover headaches but, I guess he's right because I barely had any BH contractions this week. Sigh. Oh, green tea with caffeine how I miss you:(. OH SUSHI I MISS YOU EVEN MORE!!!! I swear I could go fish a salmon out of the ocean and eat it raw right there on the boat at this point. I dream about eating sushi and am not sure what I am counting down to baby or some delicious pieces of raw fish sitting atop a pile of rice and covered in soy sauce. Oh my golly, YUM!! hahaha I'm joking about what I am counting down to with the most anticipation of course:).

We are supposed to get a good deal of snow this weekend for the first time this winter. Joey and I are really looking forward to it since it will be the weekend and we can actually enjoy it together. Fun! I'll make sure to post pics if we get any.


  1. i love those pictures! That carseat is awesome (we had a graco too!) Can't wait to see you lugging around a newborn and then a 6 month old and who know how long she will fit in there! By the way, thanks for the post about the Lord. To be honest I feel the same way lately. Needing to be in the word more and more and when I do I also feel so close and so loved. That song is awesome, thanks for sharing! ps (love the mug!)

  2. It really is so exciting to start pulling everything together and getting all those much needed things checked off the list! Her room is so cute! She will love the mobile too! At least all my kids have loved theirs. I can't tell you how excited I am for you! You just get ready, missy; I promise you are going to love this baby more than you ever knew you could love! Even with my 3rd baby, I am so filled with joy just by the thought of him and am loving every second with him! It is truly the best thing ever! It's almost here!!!!!!!!!


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