Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Very Good Reminder

Spending quality time with the Lord is like enjoying an awesome afternoon with a best friend only better and just like any relationship we feel closest to the Lord when we spend more time with Him. Sometimes I lose site of how much my soul needs to be nourished and edified by spending regular time with the Lord. Sure, I might pray on a daily basis, or read my bible periodically or I quote my favorite scriptures in my head when I need to be reminded of something but, consistent quality time with the Lord is always an area that I could use some improvement in. Reading my bible daily to be reminded of God's promises and truths, actually getting on my knees to thank God for how amazing He is in my life, praying for people in need and listening to beautiful worship songs instead of songs that don't penetrate my heart...all these things add up to a day well spent with the creator of the Universe. It's amazing how easy these things are to do and how rewarding and fulfilling they are and yet, I put them off time and time again until I'm as dry as a dessert and have lost site of the Greatness of God.

Tonight while driving home from Wal-Mart with Joey, he put his I Pod on a Jeremy Camp song that he has been enjoying lately (it happens to be one of my favorites too) and though I have heard it a hundred times before it was especially stirring and relevant to the place we have arrived at in our lives today. More importantly than that though, it was as if God was gently whispering in my ear the truths that I so needed to be reminded of, "I know that I've been given MORE than beyond measure. I come alive, when I see beyond my fears. I know that I've been given more than earthly treasure. I come alive when I've broken down and given you control" Amen and Hallelujah. God is as real as it gets and though I may lose site of how awesome he is when I fail to make the time for him, he is always patiently waiting and gently reminding me that he is here. He is faithful and He will never leave nor forsake me. Simply Beautiful. Thank you Lord for taking the time to chat with me tonight. I really appreciated it:).

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