Friday, January 15, 2010

Oh my Golly it's a beautiful day!

Seriously, today's weather is blissfully, smile inducing, work ditching, tan longing, flower planting, lake fishing, shorts wearing AMAZING!!!! I walked outside at the end of my lunch break to see my hubby off to work (he comes home for lunch most days) and I was truly in awe of how warm the sun felt on my face and skin. It has been in the teens and 30's most mornings and most everyone here in NC has had to become a hermit as we all are trying to stay warm in our homes until this winter season passes. Today it is a whopping 61 degrees, with clear blue skies! Why do these wonderful days only seem to come around when I am stuck in my office? By the time I get off today the sun will already be going down because it sets so dang early here in the winter. Sigh. I sat outside for a few minutes just to treat myself and I think I might have heard angels sing it felt so wonderful! haha Even baby girl Martinez was kicking and moving all over while we were sitting in the direct sun rays. I think she is going to be a sun basker just like her mama:).

Just because I am feeling so cozy today I thought I would letcha peak in the nursery. I would be happy to share more of it but, it's currently a bit messy with stuff lying around everywhere because we still haven't been able to find a cheap, but nice, white dresser to put everything in. I'm really hoping to find one soon because that would pretty much wrap things up aside from wall decor and I promise to post more pictures then of it all cleaned up! It'll be nice to be done with it mainly so that I can focus on all the other things I still need to do like find a nanny and the $$ to pay her, find a good pediatrician (any suggestions?), save my butt off for my maternity leave, wash all the baby clothes and get them organized, find the last few things we still need like the infant car seat, pack n' play and swing, and maybe even pack my hospital bag just for fun:). Yeah!

Joey is dying to go fishing!! That's what this weather gets him excited about:). He came home on his lunch break and went and sat in his boat for a minute while he was working on something and I could tell that it took all sorts of restraint for him to not hitch that boat onto his truck and take off for the lake. Instead he went back to work like a good man with visions of bass fish dancing in his head:).

Crazy thing is that it is only January 15th and North Carolina still has some really cold weather ahead in February and March. Well, for today I will savor this sun as much as I can and as you can tell by the skip hop and jump in my sunny post today...I am not a cold weather person. Hope winter ends soon!


  1. LOVE the bedding! Can't wait to see pictures of the room as it comes together!

  2. I love it! Thank you for letting us see the progress on your nursery! And the great picture of you sun beautiful in that sun with your girl belly! Can't wait to see it all in action someday (the nursery that is)

  3. Casey, it's just beautiful!!! I love the colors! It is perfect!! I am excited to see the rest! Wow, good job!!!

  4. I love the nursery so far! And I'm so jealous of your warm weather. For the first time since we've moved, I'm going through California withdrawls. :-)

  5. Her nursery is looking so good! I'm loving the striped wall behind the crib too cute :)

  6. Wow the room looks so girly!! :) Can't wait until there is baby in there!


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