Monday, January 25, 2010

31 weeks and the latest in Martinez land

I love this baby so much and haven't even met her yet! Can't wait:).
Joey taking apart the laptop piece by piece. Thanks to him it works again:)
The shelf in progress. I can't show you the letters unfortunately. Soon though:)
Joey worked all afternoon long to replace his front brakes and rotors. Hard working guy!
I love these mozarella, tomato, basil and a dash of garlic salt grilled cheese sandwiches YUM!!!

If money grew on trees I would snatch up this adorable adorable chair for our little munchkins room. I saw it at TJ Max this past weekend and just thought it was too stinking cute!! Not practical of course but, SO cute:).

Got the new laptop frame in the mail today. Joey put the computer back together when he got off work:). Thanks babe! Woohoo!

Let's see....a few things to update on: pictures of my 30 week ever growing belly (from last week). I am 31 weeks now (just 9 weeks or less!). I swear, in just the past week I think she has grown tremendously or else she has just gotten much stronger because her movements are more powerful than ever! I also figure that she has a lot less room to move in so I feel every little movement now and have I already mentioned how active this kid is? Joey trips out when the baby slides or rolls from one side of my stomach to the other because you can actually watch my stomach undulate like ocean waves. Pretty crazy awesome. Still most comfortable sleeping on the couch but, I don't like sleeping apart from my hubs every night so now I spend half the night in my bed and half on the couch so I get half a nights sleep. lol. I still can't believe how fast the time is flying by in spite of the aches. Our little girl is going to be here before we know it!!! Wow!

Two: We were super blessed by a gift check that came in the mail last week from one of Joey's co-workers. It was so incredibly generous of her and we cannot thank her enough for helping us get a few much needed things!!! I love the awesome ways that God works and I am so grateful for his provisions.

Three: We have been doing little projects here and there this past week. Joey worked on replacing his truck brakes and rotors all weekend while I painted a small shelf for our little girl's room and also painted her name letters from white to green so it will stand out better on the wall above her crib. I bet you guys can't wait to see those letters or her name that is:). lol. The nursery is almost done except for the dresser and I feel confident that we will find one on Craigslist before long. I have been searching that dang website faithfully every couple of hours for the past 2 months! lol. Every white dresser I find is either too short or long gone. I just figure God has a much better one waiting for us so I am not worried. Gosh, I just love walking into our little girl's nursery and soaking up the cuteness of it. You would too, trust me:).

That's about all for now. Chao!


  1. YEAH! Belly pictures! I love them because you can already see the love on your face for her! And maybe it is because you were wearing black, but you don't look too huge! Can't believe that you are almost 8 months! Yikes! I saw that pink chair at tj max too...very cute! That computer picture reminded me what I saw last night with our Mac...mike took it apart trying to get the cd's that logan shoved in the drive. Oh brother! Keep the belly shots coming!

  2. You are one adorable pregnant girl!! Love these pics and CAN'T WAIT to see the nursery!!!! You've been on my mind lots the last few days and wondering how you've been doing. Glad to hear the nursery is coming along, you're getting a 1/2 nights sleep and enjoying grilled cheese sandwiches!! Oh - and I was so excited about that pink and white chair...then I got to the "not so practical" part...yeah, probably true but still - too cute!!!

  3. Okay, you are still very tiny. I know you're rolling your eyes right now, but seriously, you look great. And I loved that feeling of excitment before the baby arrives and just sitting the baby's exciting. I'm so happy for you guys and can't wait to "meet" your little girl. :-)


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