Friday, January 8, 2010

Who will our baby girl look like?

I always love when people post baby pictures so everyone can speculate about who the baby will look like so I thought I should do the same. With less than 3 months to go Joey and I are really enjoying our discussions about what our little girl is going to look like. Is she going to have hair when she's born or have none? Will she have dark hair or light hair, my nose or Joey's (or neither:), will she be 8 plus pounds like we both were (dear Lord I hope not!) or lighter (yes please!), will she have brown eyes or hazel? Will she be a great sleeper or fussy...guess which person each of these descriptions represent:). lol. Of course only time will tell.

The first two pic are of me. The top is me at 3 months and the second is me on day one at the hospital. The next two are of Joey and I am not exactly sure what his age is, but it is somewhere between 2-5 months or so I'm guessing. His hair was not red as the first picture indicates, that is just how the picture scanned. He had fine brown hair. Thanks Papa for giving these pictures to me. I really appreciate them SO very much!

So everyone...begin your speculations...who will our little girl look like?

Can't wait to meet you baby girl:).

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  1. When she is born I can not wait to see who she looks like too. She will be so adorable to say the least with parents looking like you two. Love you cuz and I am so excited for you both. It really is the greatest feeling you will ever have after having a baby.


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