Thursday, January 7, 2010

4 Preggo ladies and my first glasses

For the record I did not post a picture of my mug and glasses because I wanted to, but because a lot of you have asked, "what do you look like with glasses on" and "please post a picture of you with your glasses on," so, I am sharing this pic for you folks but I kept it small cuz I don't like it:). The glasses have really opened my eyes (no pun intended) to how blind I have really been for so long. I can now read signs on the road, see definition in the trees and HD movies have true HD quality now:). I don't like wearing them all the time though because I can see fine close up and they tend to make me dizzy. So, that's that:). The second picture was taken at our pregnant ladies dinner get together this past Tuesday. It has become the most wonderful blessing to have 3 women, all pregnant with their first child and all friends that I see regularly at church around to share in this new adventure with me. We got together and talked all about our aches, sleepless nights, baby showers, favorite moments being pregnant, what we are looking forward to, fears, joys etc. God is so faithful to provide people in our lives at the perfect time and I am so thankful for these women at this time in my life. Jenn, on the far left is due early March, Lindsey D. next to her is due mid February, I am due late March and Lindsay H. on the far right is due the first week of March. 3 baby girls on the way and one baby boy:). Meanwhile, Joey hung out with one of the Papa's to be and they also enjoyed catching up on life and the impending fatherhood. Joey of course doesn't take silly pictures of himself unless I am around to make him so I don't have anything to document of his time:).

Still trying to find a white dresser that can double as a changing table (we are tall so it has to be taller which is the problem) and have so far had zero luck on CRaigslist. They sell out instantly because everyone is having babies right now and everyone wants white furniture!! It's like a frenzy on Craigslist for changing dressers! I also haven't seen a single decent, white, 6 ft tall bookshelf for the nursery on Craigslist. Sigh. I'm going to try and keep waiting but, I am so anxious to finish our little girls' room and be done with it so I can move on to other things.

We might get snow tonight. That would be so fun! TTFN!


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