Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No pics - lo siento

Our personal laptop frame cracked and died on us this week. Joey took the entire laptop apart last night to figure out if the part could be replaced instead of purchasing a whole new laptop. He is such a sharp cookie! I would have thrown that sucker away and racked up more debt buying a new one if it weren't for him:). He was able to determine that the entire monitor frame will have to be replaced before the laptop will be usable again. He found the part online last night and now we just have to wait for it to get here, hope it's the right part and then wait for Joey to put it all back together again. Till then, no pictures unfortunately because that is our only personal computer. I even have 30 week preggo pics and a few other things to post but, I guess we will have to endure a slight delay:). Till then....

I have spent the past two nights sleeping in an upright position on the couch with pillows stuffed everywhere to hold me, my stomach and my back in comfortable positions. It would be a funny picture to post now that I think of it so I might have to do that! Prior to this I had 4 nights that I averaged about 2 or 3 hours of sleep a night and by this past Sunday afternoon I almost had a nervous breakdown from sheer exhaustion. It doesn't matter what pillows I use or what position I lay in anymore, my body is beyond miserable in my bed and I actually dread sleeping at night because it is so unsatisfying and uncomfortable. After two nights on the couch I feel about half caught up on sleep which is great and hope that after a couple more I will feel normal again though sitting up on the couch is not an ideal way to sleep. I think Joey is also sleeping better in our bed without me waking him up 8 times a night when I need to pee so this new arrangement has advantages for both of us:). Some people have an amazing experience with pregnancy (I am so happy for them) and I really wish I had more wonderful things to say but, honestly, pregnancy is just not that great for me. For me it's been a lot of headaches, nausea, awful back pain, hormonal depression, acne, and constant sleepless nights for the past 7 months. I want to also emphasize that I know very well how incredibly blessed, spoiled and lucky I am to be carrying a child when so many people struggle to get pregnant or have lost a child and I have not taken this little girl for granted for even a second and I would endure this misery for another two years straight if I knew it would produce a healthy baby. I also cherish ever kick, roll and punch even if they are under my ribs because they remind me that my baby is strong and happy and I am so incredibly thankful for that! Plain and simple it's just not fun to feel physically crummy for 10 months. That's all I'm saying. Just thought I would clarify a bit because it seems that some folks think I am not appreciative of my pregnancy or my baby when I share how uncomfortable I am feeling and that is just not the case at all. All in love.

Still enjoying beautiful weather here during the day with temperatures in the high 50's or low 60's. It is such a treat and so uncommon for this time of year. The birds are chirping at night, the frogs are croaking and I think the plants are very confused. They will all be in shock when the winter cold comes back in a week or two! I have to say that I am so happy to be having our baby in the spring because the weather will be so beautiful and the humidity will be pretty mild for a couple of months. Spring is my favorite in North Carolina. I can't wait to take pictures of all the beautiful flowers and trees when they start blooming. It's breath taking!

Pictures coming soon so stay tuned:).


  1. You can't wait to take pictures of all the beautiful flowers and trees?! What about taking pictures of that adorable baby girl! :-) Sorry you can't sleep, but I'm glad you've found a small bit of relief.

  2. Oh dear...prayin for a good nights sleep for ya hun :) A couple short months and all the crummy stuff will be over with!! Still won't be able to sleep, but...! And um - the noises of birds and frogs?? I think I've forgotten what that sounds like - send some of that warm weather this way please!!!!


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