Monday, January 11, 2010

Labor and delivery class, belly and random

Me and my awesome hubby learning labor relaxation techniques
Our church friends Todd and Lindsey are taking the class with us. Much more fun!
A bare belly shot per requests almost 29 weeks...hope you don't mind or get grossed out..eeek
I wanted to show that Dakota takes a big bite of food, then drops it on the floor to eat it..funny.
Daddy to be working on the home internet issues while Dakota keeps him company

So, let's see. We started our labor and delivery class this past Saturday. It is a long 6 hour class and then we have another 6 hour final session this upcoming Saturday. We learned some things that were not all that useful (for us personally) but, we did really enjoy learning about the various relaxation techniques, message tips for dads to help moms while in labor, and various positions to ease pain while in early labor. I'm glad we are able to take the class with our friends Todd and Lindsey because we all laughed at the things that the other serious folks wouldn't even bust a smile over. It sure makes the class more fun with other people there to crack jokes with and pass the time:). Glad you guys are there Todd andLindsey! The class also made the whole impending labor and delivery feel much more real. I really haven't thought about it much because I don't like to over think things and freak myself out but, I realize that in just a little over 2 months this will be a reality and though I know it will be grueling, I am motivated by the goal and very excited about the outcome of having our baby girl in our arms and out of my stomach!!

I have been having really uncomfortable Braxton Hicks contractions the past two days. So bad that I have to stop walking and brace myself and hold my stomach up for relief at times. I decided that if they continue this strong that it wouldn't hurt to give the doc. a call tomorrow. I'm sure they will say it's normal but, the discomfort feels a little too strong to be normal this early in my pregnancy. So anyways, I'm sure it's nothing but, wanted to share the latest.

Joey and I found a really adorable and reasonably priced white bookshelf tonight. I was SOOOO excited that it was so affordable and also everything that I was looking for. Joey built it when we got home (my hubby rocks) and I set a few trinkets (thanks Jenn for the basket as that is decorating it currently and I love it!!:) that we have on it and I melted like butter. The room is just too stinking cute and though we still haven't hung things or found a changing table dresser etc. it is coming together so well and so easily. Thanks again to those of you who painted it while I was in California. That got the ball rolling to say the least and I am so glad I didn't have to deal with that!:).

The baby shower pictures and update will be the next post...hopefully tomorrow if I have time.


  1. YAY belly photo! you look so cute!!!! and that belly is GREAT! i'm excited to see your little girl!!!

  2. Belly picture is adorable! The braxton hicks were not fun but totally normal. I would have to do the same thing with Hunter. As far as labor and delivery go it's going to go so fast your head will spin just thinking about it after! I know you will be amazing and we will continue to pray that everything goes smoothly. Just enjoy the time you have being pampered by the staff!

  3. bare belly pics are beautiful thanks for posting one. I dare you to post one when you are 38 weeks... double dare! Looking fwd to getting a glimpse at that nursery!

  4. HAHA Melissa...that is great! Looks like things are going along and getting ready for the big day! You will be awesome, probably cry (after she is born) and thank Jesus over and over again! Can't wait to meet her!

  5. You are so tiny!! You will bounce back to your old self so quick cause you are really small!

  6. Casey, you look amazing and the glow coming off you is inspiring. I cant wait to see baby Martinez.


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