Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our last baby shower

A couple of wonderful gals from my church (Sumer, Miriam & Hannah) were beyond wonderful and threw me a baby shower here in North Carolina. A lot of the gals that came are from my church and the other lovely ladies are my awesome neighbors. It was such a treat to walk in to the house and see all the adorable decorations (loved the hanging tissue stars!) and the beautiful cupcakes (which were DELICIOUS!!), hear the relaxing music playing in the background, see candles lit everywhere and to only have the task of being the guest of honor which is so foreign to me!:). I felt so incredibly blessed that these gals went out of their way to make the day special for me, for Joey and for our baby girl in order that she could be blessed with the things she needs. I have honestly been feeling a bit overwhelmed the past couple of months with all that I felt that we still needed in order to be more or less ready when our baby arrives. I have been praying about it and re-learning what it really means to trust that the Lord will provide and meet our needs and in the process God has really been teaching me a lot (of good things) in this season. After this baby shower and all these gals wonderful generosity we have just about all the little things we need for our munchkin. We got our bath stuff, boppy pillow, some adorable jammies, an awesome play mat, rattles, blankets, wipes, diapers etc. I also got a couple of duplicate gifts which was actually a huge blessing because I was able to return the doubles and then get the onesies, blankets, jammies, wash cloths etc. that we still needed for the first few months. That was a fun shopping trip! So, to sum up, thank you everyone for supporting us, blessing us and being such amazing friends and thank you Lord for taking such good care of us day after day!


  1. I am so glad that you have such wonderful ladies to be around you during this time and support you guys! Looked like a great time!!

  2. I'm glad you were so blessed by this kind act. And oh my goodness you're tiny! Thoes gals that were saying you were 'huge' need to go back to kindergarten and learn what the definition of 'huge' is. :-)

  3. Case, I'm so glad you have these wonderful friends! And that is way too fun to have 3 other preg friends to go through these changes with you! What a blessing!! I'm glad you have everything you need now!! Yay!! What a load off, huh!


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