Tuesday, January 5, 2010

7 months Preggo - Last Trimester (WooHoo)

I am officially in my last trimester now! Praise God, I have made it to the home stretch! lol. My cravings these days are most always for sweets. I crave fresh baked cookies all the time but, Betty Crocker frosted cupcakes, maple frosted donuts, chocolate milkshakes and sweet cereals are also just as satisfying:). I force myself to eat salads as I still don't really care for them but, I know how much I need to eat healthy right now. I just had a salad for lunch and yuck, it wasn't satisfying at all so now I am eating 3 oatmeal cookies and I feel much better:). haha

During the day I am more or less fine aside from the dull ache I have in my stomach and lower back from the tightness and cramping, but it's nighttime that is tough for me. I sleep horribly and average about 4-5 hours of sleep a night these days. Yes, I know this is "baby preparation" as everyone tells me that but, I am not wanting baby preparation right now..I just want to sleep while I can! My back, for whatever reason just isn't handling the new weight gain very well but, I think that is pretty much how most all pregnant women feel at this point soooo yah. :). I am thankful that my hormones have given me some relief in the emotions department. That has been the hugest blessing over the past 2 months!!

Our little girl is so strong and active. She punches, rolls and kicks on cue every night for Joey when we first lay down for bed. He gets such a thrill out of how predictable her nightly activity is and how strong she is now. One of my greatest joys in this pregnancy has been the times when my hubby and I get to feel our little girl move together while we talk to her, plan for her and pray for her. Just under 3 months until we hit Due Day but, we shall see if this little one makes her appearance early or late. Only time will tell:).


  1. I am so excited for you two. But I've got to be honest, it is so weird to see you pregnant and to think that you and Joey are going to be parents. Man we're getting old. :-)

  2. Cutest pregnant woman EVER! See, if I were as cute as you I would have posted lots of pictures! Keep them coming! Can't wait! Can't wait!!

  3. I remember those days! If your ok with it, I would ask your Dr. for some sleeping pills. My Dr. gave me some in my last Tri and I felt sooooo much better. I actually had some energy to give birth. I took one pill every few days or so, just so I was getting 1 or 2 good nights in a week. Your doing so good, all the pain your in and will be in, is so worth it.

  4. Look at that Belly!!! I love it! Can I please feel her when I visit you next? That is so awesome how much you guys feel her move and enjoy it so much...definitely one of the best things about pregnancy! You look beautiful momma! Thanks for the pictures!

  5. If I lived closer, I would kiss and hug and talk to and love all over your belly and I wouldnt let you stop me :)! You are so beautiful Casey!

  6. Lovin these belly pics!!! Yay for the last trimester - can't wait to see the little one :) Your cravings are my worst nightmare...as if sweets of any kind aren't already my ultimate weakness...I just know that's what I'll end up craving. Ahh..things to look forward to. Glad you guys are doing good. Say hi to Joey for us!


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