Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend in a Nutshell

Saturday morning Joey had his first fishing tournament. He got up at 4 AM, left at 5 it started at 6 and due to awful, cold weather (the temp was in the low 30's and snowing while he was on the lake), not a single guy caught a fish. I felt bad for Joey but, he seemed content just to be back in a heated house with blankets piled all around him. I enjoyed a nice lunch with Joey's sister, attended the last of the 4 baby showers (and had a really good time:) and then Joey and I went to a friend's house to watch the UFC fights which started at 10 PM. Can I add that Joey and I brought a bottle of Sprite to the UFC party and we both agree hands down that it was the best Sprite we have ever had in our lives from a bottle or a fountain. The fizz and syrup combo was absolutely perfect. Neither of us are even the biggest Sprite fans but, it was so delicious that we pretty much downed the entire bottle over the course of the weekend. Just had to share that because it really impacted us that much! lol We got home at 2 AM....long Saturday to say the least but, very, rewarding and enjoyable:).

Sunday morning we got up for church way too early but, we did it. I decided that I wanted to wear my Converse shoes even though I can no longer bend over and grunt and tug to put them on anymore. Joey seemed only too willing to help me put on my shoes. I thought that was very sweet of him so I took him up on the offer. I sat on the bed and stuck my foot into the shoe while he held onto the heel of the shoe with one hand and the tongue with the other. Those are very snug shoes to begin with for the record and with Joey's big fingers making them even snugger it was a very, very comical scene. I put my first foot in and nearly took off Joey's thumb when my heel came down on it in the back. He was in pain but, was brave enough to go for the second shoe. The second shoe smashed his thumb so bad he cried out in pain, "lift up your hood, lift up your hood," I was laughing so hard by this point so I asked through fits of laughter, "honey, what is a hood?" He got all frustrated with himself and said, "I mean your heel, lift up your heel you're crushing my thumb." I fell back on the bad crying from laughter and some how even after all that he was still able to get my other shoe on for me. I won't put him through that again though it is tempting just to hear him call my heels, hoods. hahaha.

We enjoyed a great church service on topic of marriage and what the bible has to say about it. It was a great refresher and reminder! After church Joey played basketball with the high school guys he leads bible study with each week and I had lunch with some friends. Joey discovered how out of shape he is and I discovered that I do not care for the Italian subs at Firehouse at all. lol. After, Joey washed his truck thoroughly inside and out, filled the tires on my car, cleaned up dog mess in the backyard and then we walked across the street to our neighbors house to watch the Superbowl. Our friend from church was in one of the Doritos commercials that was featured early on in the Superbowl. It was so awesome to see him on national television and his commercial came in second place which is a huge win!! Congrats to Brian:). The game was super intense and the score was so tight the entire time which made it a good watch! We got home exhausted and whalah, that was our weekend in a big nutshell:). I can't believe I didn't take a single picture of all the fun. I guess I'm not as good at lugging a camera around as I thought. lol.

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  1. well, I was trying to call you today to see how your weekend was, but I see now that that was unnecessary. :-) Glad you guys enjoyed your busy weekend.


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