Monday, February 15, 2010

Morris Visit on Valentine's Weekend

Little Valentine's name cards. I had the urge to do a craft and this was as far as that got:). lol
Logan had a blast playing in the snow and didn't even notice his hands had turned purple
Mike rolling a 400 pound snowball and below Joey doing the same...
All Joey had was my garden gloves to keep his hands from freezing:). Cute! lol.
Logan eating some lunch before we had our birthday cupcakes. Isn't he adorable!
Austin enjoyed demolishing his birthday cupcake probably more than eating it:). Happy 1st!
Joey with Logan and me with Austin as we opened our gifts from Mike and Elissa. THANK YOU for the baby monitors and other MUCH needed things. You guys rocked our socks off!
Elissa, Logan and the birthday boy, Austin opening his birthday books. He liked ripping the paper and chewing on the books:). Can you blame him? lol

Our awesome friends Mike, Elissa and their two precious boys Logan and Austin came down for a visit Saturday and Sunday. We had a wonderful time Saturday of celebrating Austin's first birthday with delicious cupcakes from a bakery that Elissa found, opening presents for Austin and also presents for our baby girl from Mike and Elissa, Joey and Mike rolled a huge and hideous snowman like creature that is still sitting on our front lawn (all other snow has melted! lol) and enjoyed a wonderful Valentine's dinner with Mike and Elissa at the Cheesecake Factory while Joey's mom and Aunt watched the two boys for us. We had a 2 1/2 hour wait on Saturday night! That is hands down the longest wait I have ever had for a dinner but, fortunately we were at a nice mall so there were plenty of shops to browse through while we killed that huge chunk of time. That was the first double date we have had alone with Mike and Elissa since before the birth of their son Logan almost 3 years ago. It was a special treat to be able to go out with just the four of us and enjoy a delicious dinner and celebrate Valentine's Day together. Sunday we all went to church and out to lunch and then all too soon the Morris' were packed up and leaving to go back home. Our visits with them are always so much fun and we just adore their kids. There truly is nothing quite as wonderful as good friends! Thanks for coming Morris family and for blessing us with the baby goodies. You guys are such a blessing to us and we miss you already!


  1. Thank YOU guys for housing all of us and our stuff!!! We had an incredible time and just makes us wish we lived closer to spend more amazing moments together! Thank you for the books for Austin, we will enjoy teaching him the bible stories and loving tales from the books you gave him! Can't wait to see your little girl!

  2. Glad you guys all had a great time together.

  3. aw wish we could be there too! Great job on your crafty cards!

  4. Love your craft! Glad you guys had a good time together! I must say - I love the pictures of the guys building the snowman and Joey in those pink gardening gloves...picked up on that one right away...very nice!! :)


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