Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2010 Wish List Because It's Fun

We just had a great service at church on Sunday about keeping our needs versus our wants in perspective. God has blessed Joey and I will all that we could ever need and more. We are so thankful for his provisions!! These things below are what one might call wants I suppose but, I just like to think of them as fun things to dream about and help pass the time while I wait for our baby girl to make her debut. Once she arrives, I will have more than enough to keep me distracted and busy with for a long time...the rest of my life. lol. What are some of your dreams for 2010?

Although I would love to travel Europe with Joey for a month that won't be happening until our retirement but, it's a nice thought:). So, in the meantime a vacation to New York, Cancun (off season), Costa Rica again, The Florida Keys, Asheville etc. any of those will do:). I would love a little get away with the hubs and our baby this year:). We do have our six year anniversary coming up...hmmmm...
Joey's passenger boat seat ripped out on the freeway last year and he has been seat-less ever since. Don't worry, no other cars were damaged in the fiasco:). One new boat seat coming right up!
Joey has been wanting some running boards for his Ram since he got it. They do add a nice touch don't they! Plus they would have been soooo nice to have throughout this pregnancy. Joey has had to give my butt a nice lift every time I try and hop into his lifted truck because I'm too fat to hoist myself now. The running boards would have eliminated that awkward scene a long time ago! hahaha
I have had a weird urge to take a simple cake/pastry decorating class. Nothing too fancy but, I like the idea of being able to create cute desserts! Maybe after the baby is born it will become my new hobby!
A 17" MacBook Pro laptop would solve world hunger...I mean, it would be a really cool toy to have and it might even hold a charge! What a concept:) lol
The Canon 430 EX flash would be a fantastic addition to our camera. Especially with a newborn on the way:). Great for getting nice indoor pictures on darker days!


  1. I love this post! Can't believe his seat ripped out! I have been thinking lately how I wish I could decorate cute cakes too. Jonah's birthday is on Friday and I'm wishing I could do something cute. Anywho, thanks for sharing your wish list! I hope you get it all!

  2. such great things! I think you guys need to play the lottery and win and then you would be set! But of course then, as I know from experience, once you have what you wanted, you always want more. I second you with the vacation, and you should totally do the Mac...our battery lasts all day! Plus if you take that decorating baking class then you can make me tastey treats! YUM YUM!


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