Wednesday, February 3, 2010

32 weeks and a dresser finally - YEAH

32 weeks and 3 days....

Tuesday morning bright and early I checked Craigslist as I always do to see if any new white dressers had been posted and sure enough there were a couple cute ones from the same seller. I contacted her and asked about the height and though it wasn't quite as tall as I was hoping, after talking to a friend (thanks Lindsey:) I was encouraged that the height should be okay. I told the lady that I was very interested (de ja vu) in the dresser and told her that we would come check it out right after Joey got off work at 5 later that day. She said okay and just to call her before heading over. I called her at 4:40, it was a 40 minute drive from our house and the husband answered (de ja vu) and said that someone was already on their way to buy the dresser (de ja vu) as soon as she got a van to load it into. My jaw nearly hit the floor. I kept my cool like the nice lady that I am and said, "sir, your wife told me that she would hold the dresser for us until 5:30 or 6 and we are very serious about buying it." He said, "well, you understand that we can't hold things for people because we need to make money. It's a first come first serve kinda deal because we don't want to get jacked over by people who don't show up either." I said, "yes, I totally understand as I have sold many things on Craigslist and people have stood me up countless times but, I also like to give people the same courtesy and word of honor that I would expect in return and I wouldn't sell it out from under them." He said, "well, call when you are on your way and if the lady doesn't buy it we'll save it for you." I said, "I am on my way and that is why I am calling. It takes 40 minutes for me to get to your house and I don't want to waste gas or a drive if you are selling it." I guess something I said finally clicked because he said, "oh, if you are on your way then we will wait for you and the other lady will have to check out our other dressers." Well, needless to say, we did buy the dresser and it is cute and only needs new knobs/ handles but, I am very, very happy with it. I seriously felt like we should have been on a rat race show or something with the high stress levels that Craigslist has brought on us. lol. It is such a RELIEF to have the dresser in our little girl's room finally and boy, I don't think I've ever had to work that hard for anything before! lol Now I just need to wash the 0-3 month clothes and get them put away and I can focus on other things. Phew! Thank you Jesus:)!

Just over 32 weeks now but, feeling and looking like I should be 37 already. Not a good sign I don't think but, I'm sure most preggo women feel pretty large and uncomfortable at 8 months just as I am, right ladies:)?? Monday was an awful day of horrible and intense back cramping, awful nausea and braxton hicks contractions and I was slightly concerned since it lasted from 5 AM until 3 PM but, then it eased up and I only had my usual back pain and aches so my best guess is that the baby has begun her decent into the birth canal and that she might possibly have been putting some extra pressure on my spine as she maneuvered herself into her new position. Seems logical enough.

Joey is hoping to fish a tournament this Saturday for the first time in over a month. Bless his heart, he has been so patient with the cold weather and all the business we have had going on so I really hope it works out for him and the other guys. Hope to post a nice picture of him with a good sized fish next week:). He really deserves a good day of fishing!!


  1. YEAH!!! That is so awesome! The dresser is absolutely ADORABLE! I love it! Can I have it? HAHA! You are so cute momma, still dressing up in your stylish are going to be an "in" mom! You are definitely getting big, but you are all belly...can't wait to rub it soon!

  2. LOVE the dresser!! So glad that you were finally able to find one you love and actually buy it! :) Down to the home-stretch of getting ready for baby girl!!

  3. That dresser is so great! Baby's room looks amazing! Great job! What a relief to get that taken care of! I'm glad you didn't lose it! And you look so good and just as beautiful as do you do it??

  4. yay! Super cute dresser! I agree with Elissa... you have done a great job staying stylish with your clothes this pregnancy! Lets talk soon!

  5. It's so weird seeing you pregnant!!! But you look great...all belly. And "YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" on the dresser. :-)

  6. I LOVE the looks so cute with the mirror/basket/changing pad. You're nursery is absolutely adorable, not that I'm surprised though ;)

    And btw, your outfit was adorable, you have such cute pregnant clothing, stylish as usual. I can't wait to (hopefully) be able to fit in my clothes again so I don't feel so bum-ish :)


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