Sunday, November 7, 2010

SAHM - Let's Hear It

Daisy is head over heels in love with her daddy. When she sees him she smiles SO big and makes this funny inhale noise of excitement. She is always, always, always cramming her head backwards to see where he is at all times. It cracks me up and at the same time makes me wonder...Did I not give birth to this come she doesn't stop everything to stare mesmerized in my direction? hahaha She wants me when she is tired though:). I guess that is my treat:0. lol.

Alright stay at home moms I'd love to hear from you!

1. What two things do you absolutely LOVE about being a stay at home mom? (if possible something other than the widely known fact that we love being able to be with our kiddos?)
2. What is your least favorite thing about being a stay at home mom and how do you find ways to do it and whistle while you work?
3. What thing does your guy do to help that you appreciate so much?

I love a clean home! I am grateful that I will have a little more time to actually tidy and clean my home now. I love the smell of cleaners in the house and seeing a freshly vacuumed floor or a dusted shelf. Yes, you can call me weird but, I will say that it is nice to enjoy cleaning since it has to be done SO often. I also am looking forward to being able to get something done while Daisy naps. For the past 6 months most of DAisy's napping is all done before I get off work. Her last nap of the day is right as I get off and then she is up until bed time. I get things done best with no distractions, cleaning included and I'm so thankful to actually be able to have these quiet times to get things accomplished. And of course I am most thankful for the time I will get to invest in Daisy's life. I would love to join a mommy and me club so both Daisy and myself can meet up with other mamas.

I don't care for cooking or washing dishes afterwards. That is something that I will have to work at. Any simple but tasty dinner suggestions? I'm all ears! Crock pot recipes, easy all in one pan meals? lol. And...although I don't mind loading up load of laundry or transferring it to the dryer or even folding it..getting things put away is a big challenge in our house for some reason. Need to work on that too! :-)

I appreciate that my hubby takes care of bath time with Daisy if he is home and her dinner cereal feeding. We have established that this is an activity or two that he can do and it gives me a little down time at night after watching Daisy all day long. It's refreshing to have that 30 minutes! Thanks hubby!! Now, it's your turn!


  1. I can't give you any advice about being a SAHM, but this is a cute photo and I think you're going to love it.

  2. For me I love doing things like going to the park, going to Gymboree class, and going to the zoo during the day with my kids. It's fun to just stay home and play all day too.

    A hard part can be the limited amount of adult interaction that you get - so joining a mom's club is good or playgroup is good to stay connected with other adults - especailly moms going through the same things you are.

    My husband does bath time, which I really appreciate!!

    I have a couple of really good and easy recipes. I'll try and post them this week on my blog just for you! :)
    Big Fat Mama

  3. 1. I love knowing I'm not missing out on anything they are learning and I'm always here for them to ask questions and they can count on me. I also love making my own schedule, it's our life and it's so nice to be able to switch up activities whenever I want because we are on our own schedule. Once they start school, that changes a bit though. And having them in sports was a challenge for me because I had to work around that. I just love to have freedom to do what I want and when I want to do it with my kids.
    2. Of course my least favorite thing is making dinner! You just read that in my blog:). The only way I get through it is if I prepare as much as I can during Cooper's nap, or if he is up, I sometimes put him in the high chair with one of those net things that you put fruits/veggies in and they suck out the juice (sorry, don't know what they are called)-that keeps him busy, although I have to keep refilling it. I try to have my older kids doing some activity. And honestly, most of the time, I have Cooper hanging on my legs crying (I sometimes don't have another choice because he just wants me) or playing with pots and pans on the floor, or I do what I can with one hand while holding him. My other solution is not making dinner:) "It's smoothie, cereal, or left over, etc. night!" I'm bad! Oh, but if you're lucky enough to have your hub home during that time, hand her over and whistle while you work! I always enjoy making dinner more if I have help!
    3.)Well, since Rich has a crazy schedule and it's never consistent, his help just comes wherever I need it, whenever he can. I love LOVE!!!! when he does the dishes! But also I like when he is home when the kids are up to just play with them so I can work on the house/dinner. He will sometimes take them out of the house for me, but that's rare for him to take all 3 because it's usually golfing when they go out and Coop isn't old enough yet. That extra hand is a life saver when it's just been you all day doing everything.

    As far as dinner ideas, I don't have many good ones (as far as recipes go) but one thing I started doing is using paper plates and plastic cups to minimize the dishes. I don't do it every night, but it sure helps when I do!

    Share some tips with us when you discover what works for you!

  4. what a great week you have to look forward too! A new start and fun beginning:-) You probably know all my answers, or else, they are probably the same as everyone elses. I hope you have a good night's rest tonight to start the new me sometime this week!

  5. Casey, I am wondering if you are thinking, "what am I going to do with this TIME I have?" Beings you have not had it up until advice, is people will see this and decide to FILL YOUR PLATE FOR YOU. SO, I say be very purposeful and prayerful about how you do fill up your time because soon you will find AGAIN you have no time to do the things you would like to do in your home. As far as a Mommy and Me group, I just posted a little bit about this with a friend who began one with me years ago, and Casey, these friends are still the best friends I have for 15 years now. We have all gone our own ways with our big kids and all but we still get together without the 'me's' twice a year and I love them like sisters.

  6. 1.) I love the fact that no day is the same, and I am able to watch daytime TV, and talk on Twitter all day with other SAHM (well, you asked!)

    2.) I find it hard to discipline myself. I am in the process of starting a business and I find it hard to keep a schedule. If the baby doesn't sleep at night instead of making myself do what I have to do I will spend the morning sleeping while she sleeps instead of being up and doing housework. When I do this then the housework gets behind and it seems like it takes me forever to catch up.

    3.) When the Mr. gets home he will take my son outside to ride his bike with the baby in tow so I can finish up dinner and he gets them ready for bed.

  7. I'm not a SAHM right now, but I was, and will be again in just 8 or so short months (Lord please let that time pass quickly!)
    1. I loved knowing that I was caring for him. I knew everything that happened during his day, and didn't miss one moment or memory.
    2. I loved having my HOME be my job. I took advantage of it first time around and pledge NOT to the second time around, but I will happily cook meals and readily learn how to cook, I will clean, and tidy up, and have hobbies while kiddos sleep, busy hands not idleness!!
    3. The TV. It was easy for me to get caught up in a show than get work done while Brayden napped and I really regret not giving 100%, now that I have to wokr away from the home and I miss it more than anything.
    4. Clean. Clean. Clean. I love having a clean house and I am thankful my husband loves it even more than me. He is a much better cleaner than me, and it really blesses my socks off, even more now that time at home is short and sweet while I work full time!!

  8. Cute photo.

    Lets see I love not having to worry about a schedule. If we wanted to just up and go somewhere we can. It is really nice.

    Something I have a hard time with is no adult conversation. That is where blogging, play groups, etc come into play.

    Kenny helps sooo much when he gets home. He doesn't expect dinner when he gets home. He takes the boys and then lets me cook. That takes a lot of stress off me. I have some recipes I will try and send you through your email. :D

  9. Ok, first - recipes:, and are my 3 go-to websites for meals. Fantastic!

    As for what I love about being a SAHM? The freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want. Sometimes that translates into super productivity and sometimes that translates into lazy days. And both are needed IMO.

    What I dislike? It's sometimes sorta boring. And isolating. You have to make an effort to get out and do things, expose yourself to other adults. I love my kids but I need adult interaction too.

    The hubs is amazing when it comes to what he does for me. He works hard all day and still comes home and pulls his weight there too. He does dishes, laundry, picks up, whatever needs to be done. Sometimes I'll just crash after dinner and he takes care of it all. It makes me feel a bit guilty since I'm home all day, but he just does it. He's a keeper!

  10. I LOVE that I get to see my little ones grow and see them hit their milestones. I love watching my two girls play together, and I am so thankful I can enjoy every minute of them while they are still young! They grow sooo fast! I love going on playdates so they can play with other little ones and I can talk to other mommies. I love taking them to the park or just doing fun activities with them at home. Its not always fun and games... Its tough when they are always fighting or misbehaving and its a 24/7 job! None stop! BUT I always try to remeber what a blessing it is to be able to stay home and spend this time with my girls, and raise them my way without having to worry about what someone else is teaching them. I love that my husband plays with them when he gets off work, because it gives me little break to finish cleaning up or finish making dinner or just some time to relax and watch them play with each other.

    You're going to be a great sahm! You will find a schedule or no schedule that works best for you and your princess!

  11. 1) I love the quality time I'm able to spend time with my babe.

    2) Sometimes I just need some time off. A day off from the craziness.

    3) Hubby gives me time to do my things.

  12. 1. i love the amount of time i have with them. i figure when they're 5 they are off to school for more time than they are with me. i also love being able to cook for curren and make him his favorite things, oh and translate what he's saying to people cause i'm really the only one who really understands him!
    2. getting frustrated when curren is pushing buttons or throwing fits...its best to just go outside for a a minute and tell him that i need a time out cause i'm really upset..gather what i'm going to do and then do it, instead of reacting in anger....also meal planning and cooking is hard but i've learned if i prep the food while they sleep it's easy to throw it all together come 6:00
    3. i appreciate so much that when ryan comes home we have a little system that he gets like 20 mins to himself then he takes over the kids so i can cook dinner or just chill out for a bit with no distractions, after a rough day i really look forward to that! and like other moms said..daddy doing bath time is really nice

  13. Being a SAHM allows my days to be very flexible...other then Baby K's one long afternoon nap a day. If she decides to sleep in I let her...if I feel like having us in our p.j's at 5pm then I can do it. :) I also love being able to cook for the hubby and plan meals.....{well most of the time, some days I just really don't want to.} I will have to look threw my recipes and see what I can pass on.

    The isolation it can bring. It can get pretty lonely and the days can be very long if there is little adult interaction. As much as I love my Baby girl some days I find it hard not getting a break from constantly watching and following her around. Specially when she's having a day where she just won't nap.

    Just having my Hubby home at the end of the day means so much to me. Every night is different.. specially with him not getting home some days till 7pm..but he'll watch her and play or dance with her while I'm making dinner. He'll rock her to sleep or read. He helps out where ever he can. :)

    Hope your having an awesome week! Alicia

  14. These are great questions, Casey. Helping me to reflect on my SAHM role, thanks!

    1. I love the time freedom, I can go to Trader Joe's at 10 am when it's not busy and be leisurely if I want to :) I also love having playdates with other moms and we get to have milk tea or coffee and talk about whatever comes to mind...

    2. My least favorite thing right now is cleaning. I need to work on that one.

    3. My hubby does the dinner dishes, takes out the garbage and recycle, and he keeps an eye out on anything home improvement. I really appreciate not having to do the dishes after cooking every night, except for Fridays when he goes to be an advisor for the college group. And Friday night helps me appreciate the other nights when he's home :)

  15. I love being able to take the time to correct or discipline my children. I have the time to stop what I'm doing and teach them. There are so many teaching moments that I think I'd miss if I was not a Stay-at-home mom. We do stay home a lot. I think this gives time to train them as well. One of the least things, we are home all day the house is constantly needing to be cleaned. We have six children and school them at home which=constant pick-up. Table with books on it etc.
    My hubby is so sweet, he helps a lot with the housework. He'll fold a load of laundry before bed. One time I was so tuckered, I left the dishes in the sink (we had no dishwasher at the time) when I woke the next morning the dishes were clean. Another thing about my Sweets, is he will tell me what a wonderful mom I am or I'm doing great with the house etc.


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