Friday, November 19, 2010

First Words Perhaps

The funny thing about Daisy is that once she does something once, she seldom does it again for quite a while and the same is true for her saying the word bye. She said it a kajillion times before this video and even said bye bye a handful of times and then when I finally got smart and grabbed my camera she was pretty much over it and I apologize but, I say bye bye way to many times at the end of this video in attempt to get her to repeat me...just be thankful you didn't hear how many times I said it before I started filming! haha. I would like to think that Daisy is mimicking what she is hearing me say here and I think in time she will of course get better at this. No, she doesn't know what bye means yet but before this video she would stare at my mouth with deep concentration as I said the words bye bye and really try hard to repeat my words. It was absolutely amazing to watch her focus and then try so hard to pronounce her own bye bye. What a treasure that God has allowed me to experience so many precious moments so soon into my journey as a stay at home mom. I really am having a blast with Daisy. Truth be told, though she has always been a happy, smiley baby, she seems much happier than usual now and she laughs more! We went to the post office and to Marshalls today and she had every woman gushing over her and talking to her. Daisy is chatting a lot with everyone now too. It's amazing!!! I can't help it. I'm so in love and so is Daddy. This little one is too incredible for words!


  1. That was definitely a "bye"!!!! Many "bye's" to be exact!

    My son said, "Bwee" when he looked and pointed at a bird once. Chris and I were all excited that he said, "birdie" and then he didn't speak again for about 4 months! Little booger!

  2. too perfect! And yes that was a bye!! I don't care how many times you say bye bye...i love her videos! LEss than a week!

  3. My sound isn't working on my computer, but I believe you that Daisy said bye!! :) How fun!!

  4. I loved that video! Cooper sat here with me and loved it too:). It caught his attention. Keep the videos coming!!


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