Saturday, November 20, 2010

Brown Shoes??

I remember a time not long ago when there were tons of cute shoes, sneakers, tennis or whatever you like to call them. Now all I can find anywhere are boots, converse and a wide plethora of ballet flats! It's cold here and yes, boots are very cute but, I don't want to wear them every day and I don't want to wear ballet flats when it is 35 degrees outside. I'm cold and I like thick socks and shoes! I do have a brown pair of dressy boots and a brown pair of uggs...which I have had for the past 3 years since this seems to be the only fashionable route to go that will also allow me to wear socks and keep my tootsies warm. Sigh. I have searched online and visited every shoe shop I can when I am out and about and have yet to find a cute, hip brown style shoe that is comfortable and will allow for socks. What the heck?? Yes, I like converse but, there has got to be something else??? Any thoughts or suggestions? Have you run into this dilemma or are you content to wear boots all winter long?

Converse “chuck taylor” All Star Leather Hi02

photo credit to Anthony Gattine:
View from above
photo credit to Christie Jane:
The bottom of the slide.

I'm not done searching. I'm on a quest to find some awesome brown or light beige and yet also fashionable (which is all relative I I should say, fashionable to me), shoes:). So far MacBeth shoes are peaking my interest....stay tuned!


  1. I love 'Born' brand, they are not cheap but you will die before they die. They are solid, so comfortable, and STYLISH! I know what you mean, this ballet/boots is a dilemma. I fight it too.

  2. It is hard. I am stuck wearing my new balance shoes most of the time.

  3. Know what you mean....I'm used to wearing flip flops in the summer and boots and only boots in the winter. We always ended up with snow past the knees in Canada so anything other then boots just wasn't any fun lol. Were we live now in PA its so different....the weather is so mild one day and cool the next even in November/December. I have to break my habit of wearing only boots in the winter months cause here its just not cool enough all winter for that. I love shopping at Target for shoes!! :) Hope you find something that works for you.


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