Friday, November 5, 2010

Last Day

Today is the last day at my job. As crazy as the past few weeks have been it still came along quickly. Time never disappoints. It just flies right on by! Sometimes a good thing in this case and sometimes a bit sad like when we see how fast our kiddos grow up!! :-)

I've worked at GL for over seven years. I started there in my early twenties. It was such a blessing because I was engaged and desperately in need of a good stable job. On top of that I used to really want to publish a book or become an editor so I was beyond thrilled to be hired into a publishing company and a well known one at that! I started as a product specialist for a weight loss program published by the company, moved into order entry shortly after and then was promoted to territory sales manager over several states on the east coast. I've pretty much held this position for the past 6 years now and have especially loved the opportunity to work out of my home. I'm a home body. I love staying away from office drama and freezing cubicles and circulated air. I alwas got headaches and seemed to be sick all the time when I worked inside. lol. Working out of my home has been a HUGE blessing! I've stayed in my jammies a lot some days. When I was preggo it was a life savor to be able to roll out of bed and walk a few feet to my home office instead of having to drive 30 minutes to work and face people when I felt awful. God has been so good to me personally and so good to our family. He has done amazing miracles to get us to NC, to pay our bills, to show us that He loves us and is taking care of us and this new journey is just another miracle. We don't have the means but, God is making it happen because He wants what is best for our family and at this time it is that I stay home. I'm grateful to my God for looking out for me to say the least!

I'm feeling lots of things today. Bittersweet. I'll miss my job on one hand. I've been babysitting and working odd jobs since I was about 11 years old. It's kinda been all I've known for a really long time so it's strange to surrender something so familiar. It's strange to surrender the 50/50 (not really those numbers) but, that balance my hubby and I have operated with for nearly 6.5 years of marriage and now I get to shift gears and learn to let the numbers go and take on the household as my "job." Truthfully, I've been doing a lot of both jobs for a long time so it's not like it's a huge change just a mental change more than anything. I am so happy though that I will get to take off the outside job hat now and let that stress and chaos melt away. Now I can focus my energy and heart on my home, husband and daughter more diligently and I pray that I do it well! Now I need to start reading books on Godly parenting and figure out what activities I can do with my rapidly growing child! Now I can get out for a walk everyday without a 30 minute lunch break rushing me back home. I can join mom groups and help my daughter learn to socialize and blossom into the person God has created her to be. Now I can take more timie for my husband and maybe make the guy a dinner once in a while. lol Shoot, now I'm going to take a nap when I'm tired instead of having to work through it everyday!! Yeah!! Celebration Time!

I benefited greatly by having my mom home with me everyday as a kid. She was there to guide me, to discipline and keep me in line and to be consistent in my life. I can't tell you how many times I woke up early on a school day and could hear my mom praying quietly in the dark living room (dark because she didn't want to wake anyone up by turning on the lights). I would creep out and I could see her kneeling by the couch and sometimes I would eavesdrop and could hear her praying for each of us kids. That was so comforting! I really appreciated that then and even more so now looking back. I could count on mom being home when I got out of school and home when I woke up and for me that steadiness was what grounded me. I understand fully that this scenario is not how things work for every family and that is okay but, it is my heart's desire to be there in that way for my kids least as much as I can.

Time to go order the book Bringing up Girls by James Dobson. I hear it's pretty intense....Bring it on. New Chapter here I come!!!


  1. I have been able to see you work at that job since almost the beginning and won't ever forget the look of the phone number calling from your "office" in CA or in NC! You have been so faithful and so diligent at your job with GL that I know you will be the same with your new full time mommy/wife/housekeeper/chef/etc job:-)

    How funny that you posted about the Bringing up Girls! I posted yesterday about the Boys one that I have been listening to (can't find the time to sit and read yet). I can imagine how great the girls one will be! Enjoy!

  2. Best of luck as you begin your new adventure! Staying home is a job in and of itself - I'm sure you'll do well, but definitely allow yourself some slack. Some days are better than others. :-)

  3. Good luck on your new chapter in life. Thanks for coming by my blog. I think you *know* Ashley photo GTG with all of us in the fall would be fun.

  4. Your mom is amazing! That is so beautiful of your mom to kneel at Gods feet every morning and pray about her family/children! I want to be like your mommy =)

    I am going to have to get that book!

  5. Congratulations! It'll take a bit of time to get used to FT Mommyhood but you'll love it more than anything!

    We can share single income survival tips for sure!


  6. go to amazon, or RIGHT NOW and buy "In Praise of Stay at Home Moms" by Dr. Laura

    can't recommend it enough, its so so so so so so good for your marriage, for your house and for your kid!

  7. Enjoy your time being a full time stay at home mom. I love it!

  8. Welcome!!! :) Being a stay at home mommma is an amazing gift. Enjoy every second, as I know you will.

  9. I'm happy for you Casey!

    What a blessing to have a mom like yours btw!

    Let us know how the book is. Maybe I'll have to read the boy one!

  10. Casey, I read this just after I posted my last entry.

    I have tears now!!!! I am so happy for you that God has answered your prayers. By NOT providing you with a nanny (as we so ignorantly prayed for), He helped you realized what your calling is at this moment. In my blog, I put that He answers my prayers even when He doesn't give me what I ask for. This is such a perfect example of that!

    You will do wonderfully in this new chapter of your life!!! How could you not with Him guiding you every step of the way?

  11. Congrats on all your decisions! This is a new chapter and I hope it's everything you want. Remember there are good days in this SAHM/WAHM thing and not all the stress leaves; it's just different stress. Thanks for stopping by today, super sweet!

  12. Welcome to the SAHM club! Thanks for sharing this book, I just mentioned to myself that I wanted to read a book..I think I will pick it up tomorrow.

  13. Congratulations Casey!!! So happy for you that you are getting to start this new chapter! I'm sure you will be greatly missed there. I will forever remember our good 'ol days at GL though - I just stumbled across our birthday pics the other day...good times!! :) Congrats!

  14. Congrats on your new chapter in life! How very exciting you already have goals for what you wanna do at home. I know your faithfulness on the job at GL is carrying over into your new role as a SAHM!

  15. First of all, so proud of you and cannot wait to hear about your first week as a SAHM on Sunday!! Secondly, I liked that book a lot. Dobson is a little conservative for me some time but he had a lot of great thoughts, especially about being parents of a daughter in today's world. Love to you, Joey and Daisy!


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